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'Fast and Furious 7'

Critical Paul Walker Scenes

Were Days From Filming

12/1/2013 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


The new "Fast and Furious" movie was scheduled to shoot key scenes with Paul Walker this week -- and on the heels of his death, several members of the cast and crew say they won't be returning to the set anytime soon ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the production tell us most of the actors and crew were supposed to fly to Atlanta this weekend to resume filming on Tuesday ... but they're all expecting a halt in production.

Universal -- the studio behind the movie -- hasn't announced when, or if, they'll start shooting again ... but we're told some of the main stars are too distraught to work anyway.

According to our sources ... most of this week's scenes centered around Paul, so even if Universal were to go forward ... it would need major rewrites.

Ultimately, the biggest hurdle to completing 'FF7' could be the emotions of the actors. As one source put it, "No one wants to even think about the movie. Period."

We contacted Universal for comment ... no word back yet.


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Sad day to hear of the sudden death of a fantastic actor, he will truly be missed. My sympathy goes to his family, friends and the filming industry.

To those who made such stupid comments in on the strength of someones death shows true ignorance. I have sympathy for them because it shows their mindset. #sosad

141 days ago


Isn't it high- time for Universal... to make a movie ...about going slow ...and observing ALL speed limits?

141 days ago


I must be weird cuz I don't really CARE how fast a car can go. -Whether it goes 60, 90 or 120...

...I'm like whatever.

141 days ago

Black Adam    

If he wasn't drunk or high, then I feel bad for him. If he was, then thats what he gets and, no more Fast and Furious movies. They should have stopped making them after the second one.

141 days ago


It's horrible that this happened. These little cars are not survivable when in even a small accident. The stereotype is that these cars are used to pick up girls and for men who are height challenged with big dreams. But because of the location of this accident, this smells of either Donuts in the road, coming out of a loop then ramming into a pole or they were racing. RIP Paul Walker and Roger Rodas.

141 days ago


why did they report it two days early thoee ,, illuminaty

141 days ago


they can turn this into a life lesson in the movies. the fact is they promote this wreckless lifestyle, now write what happens when someone actually drives like this on city streets. film a seen with a body double and kill him off.

141 days ago


Glad I don't own stock in the company that insured that movie.

141 days ago

BB not bb    

Maybe these Fast and Furious moves had too positive a message for being so popular, so the Illuminati took out one of the major stars to try to stop them from continuing. I think it could still work with the rest of the cast, maybe they could even get another guy like Paul Walker to join the team.

I think if they gave up for good now, it would be like handing over the victory to the enemy. The concept is still interesting and the other stars are still interesting. They should keep resisting the evil, like in the movies.

141 days ago


I think it's time for me to sign off TMZ. Goodbye.

141 days ago


RIP Paul Walker and prayers for his daughter...

141 days ago


people out of respect of the family friends and many fans show respect! if your father or any family member had passed and u came on here and read people rude or inconsiderate comments it woudld break ur heart and make u so angry! when someone you love passes away you go thru so many emotions but to throw fuel on fire and disrespect is just awful and tasteless! please keep comments that are degrading or heartless or rude or inconsiderate please keep them to yourself ..please be respectful! Paul was a very talented man who loved his daughter and God! he showed respect and kindness towards others please do the same for his loved ones and so that he may rest in peace..God bless the Walker family you are all in my prayers <3 <3 <3

141 days ago


Universal will do a quick rewrite to avoid all the money they will lose since they started shooting. like have Pauls character now killed off camera . though given how vin and the others are feeling . universal may just scrap fast and furious seven . best thing now to do

141 days ago


I just wonder how they'll explain Paul Walker's character. At the end of the last movie, we saw Jason Statham's character was out for revenge, having killed Han. So, I guess they could say Statham kill Walker's character "Brian", but then, how do you go about it? The obvious way since it's a movie about cars and since we wouldn't have to actually see "Brian" be killed, would be a car crash, but I don't think they would go that route considering the cir***stances of Paul's death. I guess they could have "Brian" go into hiding with "Mia" and their child.

I'm sorry about Paul Walker's death, but I'm actually very curious to see what Hollywood comes up with to explain this if they continue the franchise. And I hope they do, because I'm a big fan of the Fast & Furious movies.

140 days ago


I really can't see Hollywood scrapping Fast 7. Just look at what Heath Ledger's death did for The Dark Knight.. one of the highest grossing movies of all time. What happened was a tragedy, but Hollywood is a business and I'm sure it's seeing major $$$$$$ in one more Fast & Furious right now.

140 days ago
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