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'Fast & Furious 7' Producer

Movie Will Have To Wait

It's Time To Grieve

12/2/2013 8:58 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The producer of the movie Paul Walker was shooting when he died says production is on hold right now ... telling TMZ there are more important things to worry about.

Neal Moritz -- who's produced all the "Fast & Furious" movies -- is currently shooting "F&F7"  and, as TMZ reported, the film was scheduled to resume shooting key scenes with Walker this week in Atlanta. 

Moritz was somber and struggled for words when we saw him last night at LAX ...  he told us the cast and crew need time to mourn Walker's death ... before they can decide how to proceed with the movie.


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Joe Blowe    

I would fire that Pap right on the spot for asking insensitive question like that!!!!

291 days ago


Translation: We fully intend to exploit Paul's death, but it is too soon to admit that publicly.

291 days ago


Instead of waiting to finish the movie why not just scrap it? Does money matter more? Are they going to exploit Paul's death? So many questions that won't be answered honestly.

291 days ago


No surprise there I'm sure it's like a family member passed but how do you make a movie that doesn't suck without the central character ?

291 days ago

James R. - Los Angeles    

The time for grieving is over, Moritz. Get back to work. Time is money! You, of all sleazy Hollywood producers, should know this!

291 days ago


Good lord let his co-workers and friends grieve and have a little time before you start asking about the damn movie. Have a ****ing heart.

291 days ago


I think they should have him stay in the movie and make it a tribute where he passes in the movie and call it it goods leaving him in all the parts he has already completed. Do not redo it with a different character if he is already in it. He may be gone but he can still live on through that movie. Make it a tribute to him

291 days ago

BB not bb    

I think he looked furious that he was being asked these questions. He is probably upset that the leading man in a multimillion dollar franchise is dead. Probably the shock of that is hitting him more than anything. Then he has no comments about the cast probably cause they all want to mourn for a while.

Maybe they could get Ryan Philipe or Ethan Hawke or some other quiet blonde guy to be the new character to kind of fill in his place. Some very laid back looking guy who can get intense now and then.

I don't think it is all over for this series. I think they can keep pushing forward.

291 days ago


Gee, wonder if it's smart to continue to make a series of movies that glorifies street racing (without every showing consequences) now that one of the stars leaves his child fatherless for screaming down a city street?

291 days ago


Haha Movie will have to wait unit the most exploitable moment possible.

291 days ago


i truly believe that they will throw in a car chase scence and have him die in the film or do what they did with Leger's last movie throw in different actors...or use computers to put paul in the movie...on serious note's WAY too soon to be discussing the movie...

291 days ago


They need time to RE-WRITE the movie I should think. Besides any mourning. The franchise will certainly keep going Hollywood doesnt let a death stand in its way of surefire megahits like the F&F films.

291 days ago


in other words we will wait till enough time has passed to either scrap the film or proably wind up recasting pauls role and saying its what he would have wanted and maybe tell the rest of the cast time to get back and finish the film in honor of paul

290 days ago


I'll bet James Van Der Beak has some free time.

290 days ago


Disrespectful comments towards, Paul Walker, Family, Friends and Fans

289 days ago

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