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Paul Walker Crash

The Moment Of Impact & Massive Inferno


12/2/2013 6:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The high speed crash that killed Paul Walker and Roger Rodas caused a huge explosion and fireball that could be seen for miles ... and it was all recorded on a security camera that captured the precise moment of impact.

The footage was recorded from a rooftop camera in an industrial park next to the crash site. It shows the initial collision (on the right of the screen) which caused the Porsche to explode in flames ... moments before another, larger blast sends a fireball high into the sky.

What's also interesting -- there appears to be no other cars either immediately in front of or behind the Porsche at the time of the crash.

As we reported, police were investigating whether Rodas had been involved in a high-speed street race before the accident.


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i love paul, i will miss him and his movies terribly... but enough is enough, harvey.... celeb deaths seem to get you guys off... i'll come back in 3 days when hopefully every story isn't a red-box about paul's tragic accident....

292 days ago


Oh god. Paul RIP that's horrible.

292 days ago


Just let him Rest In Peace

292 days ago


RIP Paul and Rodger. I am a very big fan of Paul Walker I have been following his career since She's all That. He was so cool. Although i did not personally know him, i feel like i did. he will be missed but not forgot. Meadow stay stong sweetie my prayes are with you and your entire family. i am also praying for Rodgers family and the cast and crew of fast & furious.

292 days ago


3 years back... a mom racing to get her daughter to elementary school?

Looked up to see she was about to rear-end the vehicle in front of her.

i.e. had been distracted momentarily.

At the last second - she jerked away -

Meaning she (blindly) went into the other lane.

Hoping vs. hope no one was coming.

Someone was - and both racing Mom and daughter were tragically killed.

=Meaning our instincts betray us at times like these.

Roger and the other vehicle (perhaps) ALMOST collided?

Roger jerked quickly away?

Cuz Roger was just too good.

Too professional a driver.

For this to have been haphazard, inept driving.

I'm guessing his instincts betrayed Roger.

Jerked quickly away.

Killing he and his friend.

Wound up saving lives.

Had Roger and vehicle 2 collided?

God knows how many people might have died.

Just guessing - trying to wrap my head around this horrific accident/tragedy.

Is it possible this was the scenario?

292 days ago


Every hour you have a new theory TMZ why don't you tell the story when you actually KNOW IT!!! Idiots behind all those computers in your office I tell ya!

292 days ago


First off, you should be ashamed to even post something like this. I don't care what the hell your occupation is. I bet if it was something really close to you like friends or family you would NOT want it publicized all over the damn place. Secondly, it's a pointless video to begin with because what you see some fiery explosion a little behind a mass of trees? Wow...I swear journalists are more and more pathetic these days.

292 days ago


Can we stop with all this? Who cares? Because he was a celebrity, it's "news"? What about the young person killed by a Hit & Run yesterday in SoCal...barely even a mention. What about the 12yr. old killed by gang cross fire? I'm sorry these two ppl died, but this is no longer news and isn't worthy of the constant coverage.

292 days ago


I thought so at first as well, but then realized this security cam footage was sped up, a lot. that's why everyone is in fast motion.

292 days ago


This is chilling.... its a trip how the cars all cruise right up and park all like racers

292 days ago


TMZ, Maybe not the best taste, but whatever, we read it, we look at it, we want it, no matter what people say, we love to see death, we crave it privately, but down it publicly. Keep doing what your doing, if someone does not want to read it, don't go to , don't download the app, don't watch the TMZ tv slot, go to CNN or MSNBC, no wait, they only publish lies, at least most of the stuff on this site is true.

292 days ago


How ****ing insensitive.

I hope his daughter never has to see this.

Wtf is wrong with you people.

Just because it's there doesn't mean you have to showcase it.

292 days ago


Wow - you people are all so desperate to be followers that you seek out someone to worship at every turn. Sure this guy was handsome, nice, talented, blah blah blah, but numerous people die bad deaths every single day. This was sad, yes, but that's about the end of it. Stop being little drama queens.

292 days ago


I used to be so in awe of motorcycles and expensive, fast cars with 400+ horsepower and all that about 10 years ago. Nowadays, I just look at those kinds of cars and wonder how easily a car like that could get out of control. I'd imagine crashing it and the next thing I would know is I would be seeing stars and waking up in agonizing pain in a hospital ... or worse.

I guess either I'm getting to be an old fart or I just have a lot more common sense. If I was going to get a fast sports car these days, I would do a lot of research about crash test results, etc.

I hear that one of the safest cars on the road of ANY type you can get these days is an electric car ... the Tesla Model S. It goes 0-60... mph in about 4-5 seconds and it has excellent handling and so forth. It got a 5 star crash test rating. No wonder Consumer Reports gave it one of the highest ratings ever.

292 days ago


So sad! i can't watch it cuz it says technical difficulties but will be keeping an eye out! either way its just sad that people always find negative stuff to say! he is someones son an father, have some compassion! so sad i loved paul walker RIP an may god be with your family in this heart breaking time

292 days ago
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