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Paul Walker

Death Car May Have Malfunctioned

12/2/2013 6:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1201_walker_car_rodas_tmz_facebookThe exotic sports car in which Paul Walker violently died, crashed as a result of mechanical failure -- very possibly a steering fluid leak ... this according to sources closely tied to the auto shop where the vehicle was stored and maintained. 

Sources connected to Always Evolving -- the shop co-owned by Walker and the Porsche driver Roger Rodas -- tell TMZ they saw evidence of a fluid burst and subsequent fluid trail before the skid marks at the accident scene.

The AE sources point to the fact there is a noticeable absence of skid marks until just before the point of impact. They say if Roger had lost control the skid marks would show swerving, but instead the marks were in a straight line. They feel this cements the theory the driver didn't have steering control.

Also suspicious -- the fire spreading so quickly in the front of the car. The sources say flames would be expected in the rear where the engine is ... but fire in the front reinforces their theory of a fluid leak of some sort.

113013_paul_walker_burning_launchWe're told the $500,000 Carrera GT was NOT modified and was driven rarely so they believe any failure must be a factory defect.

As one source put it ... "Roger was a world class driver" -- and while he might have been speeding (as cops have said) ... the notion he just lost control is preposterous.


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anyone else see what looked like a person standing up from the driver's side around the 22-23 second mark? and then later falling back down? and then the photo of the car where the bodies were covered in the blanket, it looked like the drivers door was open and the body was a bit away from the car interior.

325 days ago


The driver was probably going ape chit on cold and old, hard, tires? Doesn't matter how good a driver you are if the car starts to oversteer at high speed on cold, hard, rubber you are toast. Once it hit the trees the fuel lines were compromised and the car went up. Typical of a high speed street wreck.

325 days ago

Detective. LaToya    

So you're trying to tell us that his FRIENDS are coming up with random theories aka lying and making excuses for them racing that car? Please!

325 days ago


Well, the car was said to be having problems before they went on that fateful drive. It kept stalling out as workers were attempting to put it back in the garage. So mechanical issues is very likely.

325 days ago


The fire spread quickly at the front of the car because the Carrera GT, like most Porsche's, have their gas tanks in the front of the car not the rear.

325 days ago


See the broken glass, in the underpass.
Feel the crushing steel, feel the steering wheel.

325 days ago


wow...knowing that doesnt make it any easier because they r both still gone, but im glad 2 know that roger wasnt at fault...that was starting 2 suck that his family would have 2 live w that ugly rumor that was going around. hopefully when the investigation is completed we will all know 4 sure what really happened

325 days ago


But the fire did start in the rear. It just spread to the cabin, which was smashed and mangled, like the whole car. It's no wonder the flames moved quickly, when it was a crash. It's pretty apparent the front wasn't as burned as the back, it wasn't even all in flames when the firefighters came. I think it's possible there would have been survivors if they hadn't been knocked out by the crash itself...

325 days ago


A tear of petrol
Is in your eye
The hand brake
Penetrates your thigh
Quick - Let's make love
Before you die...

325 days ago


Paul Walker,
Ryan Dunn
James Dean.

Die in style. Buy Porsche.

325 days ago


Someone just ran out of talent. That simple. And the idea that a "mechanical failure" was the cause? It was an 8 year old car TMZ. I hope Porsche sues the sh&t out of you for your accusations. And in the future, just because you play a race driver on TV does not make you one. D-bags. Sorry PW, RIP but seriously folks.

325 days ago


325 days ago


RIIIGHT ! Its the PORCHES fault. Just like Lindsy Lohans porche that rear ended that guy. They must be buying the ones made in USA.LOL

325 days ago

Pimp Daddy    

DAM cheap ass porshe car.I hope they go out of business.Dam 150,000 car blows up in a wreck.What a hunk of crap.

325 days ago


Must you really call it a "death car" TMZ? Good grief.

325 days ago
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