Casey Kasem's Caretaker $10,000 Victory in Toilet Paper-Stealing Lawsuit

12/13/2013 12:40 AM PST

Casey Kasem
's former caretaker is now $10,000 richer -- after winning a lawsuit against Kasem's wife, who allegedly abused the caretaker relentlessly and even accused her of stealing toilet paper.

TMZ broke the story ... Hilda Loza sued Jean Kasem for $10,000, claiming she was subjected to all sorts of emotional abuse by Jean and it was so bad she would often cry for days.

Hilda says Jean would also mock her cooking and make Hilda drive her around without reimbursing her for gas. Hilda says Jean even accused her of stealing petty items like food, silverware, and toilet paper.

Now, a judge has ruled in Hilda's favor ... ordering Jean to pony up the $10k plus court costs.

Score one for the underdog.