Casey Kasem's Caretaker Sues I'm No Toilet Paper Thief

10/13/2013 8:02 AM PDT

Casey Kasem's Caretaker Sues -- I'm No Toilet Paper Thief


A woman who says she was Casey Kasem's former caretaker is suing ... claiming the legend's wife treated her like the kind of person who would steal toilet paper from a sick man.

The woman behind the suit is Hilda Loza -- who claims she was subjected to all sorts of emotional abuse by Casey's wife Jean Kasem and it was so bad she would often "cry for days."

Loza -- who says she worked for the Kasems from April thru June of this year -- says Jean would often tear her apart verbally. Here are some of the allegations:

-- Jean denigrated her cooking ... saying it was "disgusting" and that even her dog wouldn't eat it.
-- Jean would order Loza to drive Casey around, but refused to pay for Loza's gas.
-- Loza says Jean would insinuate that she's the kind of person who would steal food, towels, toilet paper and silverware ... even though she never took anything.

Loza is suing for $10,000 ... claiming "the constant accusations were false and would get her very emotionally unstable."

The lawsuit is just the latest legal issue for the Kasems. Earlier this week, Casey's three children -- who haven't been allowed to see him for months -- filed court papers for a conservatorship ... so they could take control of his affairs away from Jean. That case is still pending.

As far as the new suit goes, we reached out to a rep for the Kasems -- so far, no word back.