Wale Goes BALLISTIC Over Album Snub I'm Gonna Knock Everyone Out!!!

12/13/2013 2:27 PM PST

Wale didn't take too kindly to being snubbed on Complex's "Top 50 Albums of 2013" list -- in fact, the rapper threatened to come down to their offices and personally KNOCK people out ... all during the loudest, most insane phone call we've ever heard.

Complex released the recording Friday ... and you have to hear it to believe it ... not only is Wale extremely bitter about getting snubbed, he even calls out rappers who DID make the list, saying stuff like, "YOU MEAN TO TELL ME JUICY J ALBUM BETTER THAN MINE????"

Seriously. Just listen. Listen right now.

Thankfully, Wale's got a sense of humor about the whole thing -- he eventually responded to the recording with an Instagram video making fun of himself.