Star Search Champs We're BLOWING UP From Surprise Cameo on Beyonce's Album

12/16/2013 10:30 AM PST

Beyonce just triggered a career revival for the guys who beat her girl group on "Star Search" back in the day -- all because Yonce included the footage on her new album.

A band called Skeleton Crew -- which beat Bey's group Girls Tyme in '93  -- was blown away after finding out she included them in her new song/video "Flawless."

S.C. says they're releasing new music this year and the appearance couldn't have helped more ... since it would have been impossible for them to get this kind of international exposure.

The band is hoping Beyonce might ask them to make a live appearance for "Flawless" ... knowing  it's a long shot:  "A band can dream, right?"

Don't hold your breath.