Kanye West Yeah, I'm Arrogant As Hell But I'm Doing it For You

12/16/2013 8:30 AM PST

Kanye West is painfully aware Kanye has a gigantic ego, but claims it's not because Kanye is into himself ... it's all for his fans. What a giver. 

Ye went on a rant over the weekend in Anaheim, telling fans the media has him all wrong when they say he acts out because he wants to look "doper." 

The ever-humble fiance of Kim Kardashian added, he doesn't "give a f**k about looking cool" or being dope ... because he's been dope "since age motherf**king 5."

But you gotta hear his excuse for acting like an arrogant jerk ... because, basically, he's saying it's your fault.