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Paul Walker


Traumatic & Thermal Injuries

12/16/2013 5:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paul Walker
died from "combined effects of traumatic and thermal injuries"... this according to the death certificate obtained by TMZ.

The official cause of death is significant ... it means Walker wasn't killed from the impact alone. He also burned to death after the crash.

The L.A. County Coroner released Paul's cause of death earlier this month. The man who was driving the 2005 Porsche Carrera GT, Roger Rodas, also died from "multiple traumatic injuries," but the Coroner did NOT list burns as a factor in his death.

Both death certificates reveal the men died quickly ... according to the doc, the time interval between the impact and their deaths was "rapid."

Both Walker and Rodas were killed in the November 30th crash in Santa Clarita, CA. The cause of the accident is still under investigation, but as we reported, officials suspect plastic bumps in the road may have caused Rodas to lose control.



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Why does TMZ insist on trying to re-write history on this? It was speed that caused this crash. It wasn't the car. It wasn't bumps in the road. It was SPEED.

289 days ago


It's SIGNIFICANT because it means he burned to death as well and not by impact alone? You just keep running over the same dead horse, TMZ. You "reported" his COD as soon as your slimy hands got notification from the Coroner over a week ago. Let it go. He died. I'm honestly surprised you aren't digging into where all his money is going or if his girlfriend is running into the strong arms of his look-alike brother for comfort and sex. But I'm sure you won't let me down there. So until you trolls have a meeting about how to make those stories happen, why don't you talk about more important things that you make up and deem as true about celebrities.

289 days ago


For F#*k sake TMZ/ Harvey! It's already been said here but I will say it again, Why would you leave all of the families information right there for everyone to see. It's so disrespectful first off at anytime but while they are grieving on top of it. You will be very, very lucky if they dont sue you. And Im sure they will. And really should.

289 days ago


The good thing I get from this is 1- it could still mean he was knocked out n didn't feel a thing Or 2- even if he felt the fire he was more than likely in a shocked state that we all have been in... For example, If u cut yourself deep with a knife, the second it happens your body is experiencing the pain and your brain hasnt gotten immediate opportunity to digest what happened. That dimension of "knowing" only follows. I'd bet the "rapid" death (hopefully) didn't allow him to *really* feel too much past the shock and/or adrenaline for that short bit. And lastly--we're all "feeling" the pain much longer than Paul ever did. He, Paul, moved on weeks ago...he's feeling no pain and experiencing joy of a level in which we can't comprehend in our physical bodies..

289 days ago


What do you guys have against this man?? WE KNOW HOW HE DIED. The way you keep going on about it is offensive and makes no sense.

289 days ago


If Roger Rodas had been doing the posted speed limit of 45mph, would the "plastic pumps in the road" have caused him to lose control? Unfortunately, Roger was driving that car like a bat out of hell. Very sad. May they both RIP.

289 days ago


i herd it was the car's fault. he ment 2 press the button 4 cream n sugar 4 his coffee. he hit "creammate" by mistake and was immediately creamated on the spot. u have to remember that this was no ordinary car. it was super expensive and super capable. the manufacturer has since removed the "creammate" button and replaced it with "death by hanging".
bottom line, this tragedy WAS avoidable.

289 days ago


Shake & Bake.

289 days ago


Whatever you say, TMZ ! Plastic bumps in the road? LAUGHABLE at 100 MPH! Just can't present the actual facts. Hide the speed at all costs. Never mention that this vehicle was probably aerial from the speed and the lack of control Roger Rodas had. I hope the lawyers at Porsche give you a call, Harvey. You are completely omitting HUGE facts in evidence and skewing what took place in this event.

289 days ago


Oh my God!!!!!!! Why are you posting this again? Did you forget that you posted this the minute the autopsy was complete? You guys do realize that this isn't good news, right? I understand that this was big news but move the hell along now.

289 days ago


Nice, TMZ. Very sensitive.

Stay classy, you losers!

289 days ago

Sean Kelly    

Harvey or Mike... one of you two dumbasses are recycling the EXACT SAME STORY you told weeks ago. As I said then, "thermal injuries" means that he died due to heat damage to his lungs... your statement. "burned to death" is inaccurate... it is intended for effect and could only be the result of Mike trying to show us his biology a***en again. Mike; some kid from junior college knows more biology than you. When are you going to quit this job and get a REAL education; not one based on **** that you think up?

289 days ago


No matter what the cause of death might have been its a terrible way of dying. So please lets put it behind us and move on....

289 days ago


nobody is saying that speed did not factor in the crash . All they are saying is that the plastic reflectors may have destabilized the car because of the high rate of speed. Is that really to difficult for some of you to understand.

289 days ago


Two well experienced men that knew this location was not a place to drive like a street race. While tragic, they both knew better.

289 days ago
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