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Justin Bieber

Check Out My Hotboxed Ride

12/17/2013 12:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Either Justin Bieber's van had some serious mechanical problems in L.A. today ... or his crew was blazing a METRIC TON of Mary Jane inside -- because when the singer slid the door open and stepped out, he was followed by a Hiroshima-level cloud of smoke.

You gotta see it. It's like something out of a stoner movie.

Bieber -- a noted weed enthusiast -- was arriving for a radio interview at Power 106. Here's hoping he can still form complete sentences.


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Cheech & Chong

247 days ago


Smoke? What smoke? Stop being so dramatic TMZ, i saw the smallest amount! I create more smoke farting

247 days ago


But just imagine all of his fans, many of which are still young girls with overprotective dads and sue happy mothers, getting a contact high off him. Where are all the police and drug raiders when you need them. They normally gun for Bieber and his tour bus without hesitation and the one time he could be busted their missing. I mean if that smoke really was pot there is no way that driver (who is contracted by Bieber and his management) isn't high.

247 days ago

Just My Opinion    

The still video shot of him coming off the bus. Is Justin wearing a black dress? If so, someone should have told the dude, you need a long necklace and some long ear rings to go with that dress. Also some lipstick wouldn't hurt.

247 days ago


Doesn't even look like a lot of smoke, pssssssssshhhh!

247 days ago


I wish I could meet Justin and tell him how inspiring and humble he was and how he saved so many lives. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Justin. And I'm 18 still alive trying to make through all this shizz. Just seeing Justin handle all this bullying since the beginning gives me hope that I can keep going. I feel like crying right now he is a such a beautiful human being inside and out, but ignorant people destroyed him has made him feel worthless and insecure when he should of never felt that way. Till the day I die I will always stand up for Justin. Words hurt....words are p-o-w-e-r-f-u-l. He has made mistakes, so have I, so have you! He is no different then us besides he is famous. Him going into a brothel is his business not yours not mine. Him showing up late for his own concerts is the action the reaction is him losing fans/money. Cheerful smile > Faded eyes if I had a chance to hug him I would hold him in my arms and tell him how much I care for him❤️. It's not cool to hurt innocent people, real men barely exist anymore just look through all these disgusting comments they're acting like middle school gossip girls.

247 days ago


I can't wait for marijuana use to be legal in all of the United States so we can all stop acting like it's such a damn big deal! It's just ****ing weed!!

247 days ago


Coherent folks like Walker die in car crashes while brain dead twerps like this thing carry on.
Life makes no sense.

247 days ago



1. Half of the people making comments on here need to learn how to spell and use punctuation.

2. Why does someone need to have all those people around all the time? I would go bat **** crazy having so many people around me all the time. Does he use the bathroom with an entourage?

247 days ago


So his unmarried mother raised a junkie. Big shock.

247 days ago


Ya know he's smokin the super headies. Young kid with that much money. Hangin with snoop. Hope he doesn't get hooked on the 'hard' stuff'.

247 days ago

Ratings Needed    

LOL his pants are so dam funny!!!! What a geek.

247 days ago


Cant' he afford to buy a pair of pants that fit or a belt? Must be spending all his money on drugs.

247 days ago


Weed is a herb. Natural no additives...

246 days ago


It helps with the migranes

246 days ago
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