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Katherine Jackson

Michael Jackson Documentary

Money Grab?

12/18/2013 11:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's mom SAYS she's doing a heartfelt documentary about her son's life ... but the reality is ... it seems to be a shameful money grab.

Katherine Jackson has announced she wants to do the documentary, but needs the fans to send her money to pay for the licensing of Michael's image and music.  Translation -- she's insinuating the big bad Michael Jackson Estate is being coldhearted and greedy by charging Michael's family.

Here's the reality ... Howard Weitzman, the lawyer for the Estate, tells TMZ NO ONE from the Jackson family has contacted him or anyone else from the Estate asking for permission to use MJ's image and music.  Weitzman wants to make it clear ... "The Estate would never ask Michael's fans to contribute their money to finance any speculative project."

Katherine is using a website to solicit donations and is offering MJ merchandise as bait.   FYI, the license for merchandising is held by Bravado, so Katherine can't do that without permission.

If Katherine makes the documentary, the people it will likely hurt are Michael's kids.  That's because THEY are the ultimate beneficiaries of the Estate, and if the Estate does an MJ documentary in the future (which is almost certain), it will probably be devalued by anything Katherine does.

And it still gets worse ... Katherine and company have enlisted the help of Blanket, Paris and Prince to solicit funds from fans.  It's pretty clear -- they don't understand the implications of helping her out.


It's a safe bet the Estate will not give Katherine permission.  Weitzman says, "The Estate will continue to release only the highest quality finished, professional projects showcasing the genius and humanity of Michael such as the 'This is It' film and the 2 very successful shows with Cirque du Soleil."

So the bottom line -- if the Estate doesn't give permission to use MJ's music and image, the documentary won't get made.  So what happens to the money the fans contribute?  Well Katherine is using a website to solicit donations that allows her to keep all funds even if the project isn't made.  So guess who ends up with the loot?

So we gotta ask ...


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Harvey Scores 3 Homeruns on this one:

1) Katherine Jackson has no more rights in the eyes of the law of all 50 states, and the District of Columbia, to profiteer off of her son or his children, in this manner. The Estate would be fulfilling its duty to MJ to turn the Jacksons's request down. You can't just make up mess and then try to raise money off of the mess.

2) Common sense: You don't see Janet, who is wealthy in her own right, and married to a billionaire, giving Katherine that money for this so-called do***entary project. Why? Because there is no intention to ever make a do***entary, but rather, sucker the fans. It's called: 'BAIT and SWITCH".

3) Anybody using impressionable children who are still grieving to solicit money is just plain wrong. Doing it during the Christmas season is really disgraceful. [This sounds like another scam idea from Jermaine and Randy.] Shameful.

306 days ago


To me Michael Jackson was, and still is and always will be a good inspiration, and my favorite singers forever even in my future I will always never stop listening to his music and will also love and remember him as a independent positive person.

306 days ago


The fact these demon spawned pale kids are involved would keep me from donating any ****ing thing ever. I do have to say though; Why are the families of dead celebrities shamed for exploiting the fame/name, but corporations and such can make millions with no judgment at all? I truly don't understand that.

But still, these spawned kids, unfortunately, will never have to work in their lives. Paris prances her little ass around so entitled. Heffa, you're not a Jackson. You were mechanically engineered.

306 days ago


As an MJ fan I am thoroughly tired about hearing about all this... I really don't care anymore. At all.

306 days ago


It's the end of the year for bottom line. A&E sets up an interview that they know will be more than controversial because when asked Phil isn't going to lie........ Then they get to kick him off the cast and not pay him without worrying about paying monetary consequences for dismissal without cause. Money - money - money.
Not the firest "reality" show they've done this to. No surprise, depressingly. Phil has a right to give an honest opinion and especially to say (backtracking my ass), that everyone (maybe except Phil) has a right to their own opinion without consequences..... Make it up as you go along - nothing some people like better than anything is any lame excuse to screw over someone who is perceived as making more money/being more well known than they are.

Just another manipulation by A&E that people witho nothing else better to do can pick on and make themselves look better in comparison.

305 days ago

Margarida Maria    

Mrs. Katherine Jackson :
I'm sure Michael Jackson would never do this that you are doing.
You're exposing the sons of Michael, and asking for money to fans of Michael. I repeat : Michael Jackson would never do this.
If I'd know for sure, that the money would be for a film about MichaelJackson, I would gladly contribute, but there is Jermaine, and their other children, also Joe Jackson, who don't deserve the trust of anyone. They all want money from Michael. Michael's fans know about it, the world knows about this.
You also want the money from MichaelJackson, Mrs. Katherine Jackson ?
Is using the children of Michael to get money , Katherine Jackson ?
This history to raise money for movie about Michael Jackson, is a farce.
Jackson family (minus Michael's children), are a bunch of blood-sucking.
Margarida Maria , Fan of Michael Jackson for ever.

305 days ago


Kiss my a z z z

305 days ago


That artwork is absolutely horrifying. These kids lost their only parent and their grandmother commissions artwork of what a family breakfast with their dead dad would be like now? What kind of grandmother does that? I guess the grifter kind who only cares about them now that they have a trust fund. Most grandmothers have actual photographs of them gathered with their son & grandkids. Katherine has to commission this atrocity because she didn't care about those kids until they could be grifted for more of Michael's money. The truth about the Jacksons is that they believe they are entitled to all of Michael's money, the family created Michael, they are entitled to all of his assets, not his kids.

304 days ago


So nice, so quiet. I am really happy, sipping my rum eggnogg, listening to Beautiful Christmas music, looking out to the powdery white snow falling outside the windows, no MJ music, no rabids whinning. Life can be beautiful afterall!!!

Merry Christmas to all truth tellers and reformed rabids!!

304 days ago


I am so sick of that old woman and her greed. Such an embarrassment...
She AND Michael are "Professional Victims." Always the WOUNDED PUPPIES!
If Michael where here, he'd be right along side her with all this B.S.

300 days ago


Got a problem with this report, especially the video showing the dad - that video of the dad, Joseph, talking about Blanket having hidden talent was made just after the Staples memorial.

278 days ago
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