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MMA Fight

Man vs. Woman

No Elbows, No Knees, No Mercy

12/19/2013 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

For possibly the first time ever, a MAN and a WOMAN will beat the crap out of each other in a historic MMA battle of the sexes ... and there's only two rules: no elbows and no knees, TMZ Sports has learned.

We spoke with a rep for the fight ... who tells us that -- other than the no elbows or knees rule -- this is the real deal and neither fighter plans on holding back.

The epic showdown is set for Dec. 20 in Rio de Janeiro ... when Shooto 45 pro-fighters Emerson Falcao will take on Juliana Velasquez in a legit, full force MMA battle.

In an interview ... Falcao said he's not worried about hitting a woman, saying "I’ve been training just the same as if I was fighting a man – and I’m going for the knockout."

As for Juliana ... she says she gets why people are freaking out, but promised "I will win, because I always train with men, there will be no surprises for me.”

We asked UFC owner Dana White if man vs. woman fights could ever go down in the U.S. ... he only had one word: "impossible."


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No Avatar

Not So Ignorant    

Wouldn't it be something if this woman kicks his ass.

317 days ago


It will never be a real fight, a man would never hit a woman as hard as he could. If he did she would be knocked out. Sorry lady's not trying to be an a**hole but its true

317 days ago


There's no upside for the man, kicking a chick's ass or getting your ass kicked by a chick isn't anything to be proud of.

317 days ago


Who's the sponsor, Chris Brown?

317 days ago


All she needs to do is catch him at the right time. I wish I could watch!!

317 days ago


Excited for the fight

317 days ago


Woman man. It doesn't matter while they are equal competitors.

317 days ago


Dana said the same about women fighting in the UFC, then signed Rousey, hypocrite.

317 days ago


Any man who hits a woman is a piece of sh*t coward. Regardless of gender equality Falcao is a ***** for even taking this fight. I guess hes getting a good paycheck.

317 days ago


@mirandajwalker has anyone ever noticed these ads have always got a different website lol

317 days ago


I'd **** her.

317 days ago


I'm mixed still.

If you take a 205lb guy, he fights a 135lb guy, both with the same equal abilities.
Who has the odds?

The bigger guy right, due size.
Now, the lesser weight guy can win, look at the older UFC fights (and street fights) no question.
However the bigger guy has the Natural odds due his size and weight.

Same goes here no?
So if they get a guy and girl, both the same height, weight class and ability.... I'd watch it however I don't believe, yet anyway, it should be anything more than a 'Match' yet with no rankings.

Either way....
I LUV MMA and happy to see it starting to take it's natural place in sports.

MMA is MY football, baseball, hockey etc.

Human Chess!

317 days ago


Professional fighting is supposed to be about two evenly matched and evenly skilled people fighting. Weight, height and age aren't the only factors. Even if a man and woman were the same weight it is not an evenly matched fight. There are distinct advantages men have, such as increased bone density and faster muscle reaction time. Both of which are crucial in mixed martial arts. Men also have more lean mass, which makes them more powerful than a woman of the same weight. I do spar with guys at my gym primarily because it helps me get stronger than sparring with other chicks, but I'd never fight a man even if he was my weight. He has many physical advantages over me, as a woman. so in my opinion, this is not an evenly matched fight. It's shameful. They just want to do something shocking. And he's shameful for taking the fight.

317 days ago

my opinion    

**** it, she agreed to fight a man so she gunna get treated as equal as a man,..women wants to be equal as men hopefully they dont cry at the end...

317 days ago


This fight will not last long. Even for a trained female fighter, fighting a male who is also trained in the arts of mma this will not work. I'm not a sexist dude by any means but real recognize real and she's in for a rude awakening.. of course that is if he doesn't hold back to make it appear like she has a chance. but a clean shot to her jaw and she's gonna drop. kudos for her to signing onto this, good luck you will need it.

314 days ago
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