Shaunie O'Neal Shaq Secretly Negotiated To Put Our Kids On TV

12/20/2013 12:09 PM PST

Shaunie O'Neal claims Shaq is full of BS when he says he was always opposed to doing a reality show with their kids ... and says she has it in black and white ... he's lying.

Shaunie filed unsigned contracts and correspondence with the court -- obtained by TMZ -- in which it's clear ... Shaq was negotiating to become a part of the reality show.  Shaq was negotiating not only his participation in the show, but his 4 kids as well.

Shaunie submitted a sworn declaration from the head producer, who claims Shaq gave him the green light to do the show, only to withdraw permission after saying the show is "not a good look for me."

But Shaq tells a very different story.  Sources connected with him tell TMZ ... he initially was open to doing the show until he learned one of his kids had a serious learning problem in school.  He also wanted creative control to protect his kids and that was denied.  Shaunie claims Shaq was offered creative control.