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Charlie Sheen

to Denise Richards:

You're a Heartless, Ugly Hag

12/23/2013 7:37 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Denise just responded to the story via Twitter ...

Charlie Sheen
has declared nuclear war on his ex-wife Denise Richards ... blasting her as a "heartless" and "ugly" hag who's holding their children hostage.

Sheen just blasted Richards ... again ... this time, he's furious that Denise won't let their children visit him to exchange Christmas gifts.

Charlie expressed his anger in a series of texts ... saying, "lemme see if I got this straight; you won't even spring the girls for 30 mins, from the 10 mil house I gave you, (100 yds away) to come down and open the gifts their dad bought them before they leave??"

"I hope your stocking is  bronze-age coal stuffed along with an assortment of 8x10's of yours so you can see how despicable and heartlessly ugly you and your fermented soul continue to be."

He added, "hash tag. hag shag."

Charlie also says despite the fact Denise won't let him see the kids, she had the "audacity" to ask him to borrow his private jet to go on the big family trip that she banned him from.

Charlie says he went to Denise's home to plead with her to change her mind and to deliver gifts to the kids, but was not allowed to see them.

Charlie concludes, "This is the worst Xmas I've ever had."



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Charlie needs to shut his pie-hole before DCFS puts the block on him seeing any of his kids over the holidays.

269 days ago


Well she is the mother of your children, so in somehow you are calling your own children ugly and she wasn't ugly to you at the time of conception..............

269 days ago


Denise seems to PROTECT her kids from Charlie when he is sending vile tweets. I am guessing she may suspect he is doing drugs again. Charlie needs to grow up. He attacks others but takes no blame that the reason no court will give him rights to any of his children is HIS behavior.

269 days ago


Is Charlie ever invited to his father's or brother's homes for Christmas? He is either with PAID staff, PAID porn stars, or Denise.

269 days ago


And in 15 years nobody can really claim that it couldn't have been foreseen that Max & Bob became perv. sadistic psychopaths and scourges for mankind . . .

269 days ago


GROW UP Already Charlie!!!!!!!!!

269 days ago


Grow up Charlie/Carlos , Denise is better than you ever deserved not to mention the mother of your daughters. If she won't let you see them there is a real reason. This woman has taken so much **** from you yet never publicly bashed you because she is mature.......learn from her!

269 days ago


You would have to give me a $10m house too in order to put up with all of his and Brook's crap. And even then, I would have to think about it. He is the perfect example of an overpaid actor who thinks people have to put up with him. Nope!

269 days ago


Charlie Sheen is the boy who cried wolf.

269 days ago


Too bad you don't care this much about seeing them the rest of the year.

269 days ago


I don't blame her a bit! I'd keep them from him permanently! He's no role model and no Daddy - only a sperm donor, or he'd be raising the two boys he had with his other wife who are totally out of control......

269 days ago


It's all "Me, Me, I, I " in every comment he makes. It's all about HIS Christmas and HIS wishes and what HE wants. Has he ever considered that his ongoing record of violent, off the wall behavior might make him someone his kids really don't need to be exposed to right now? That maybe that isn't what they need? That maybe he should clean up his act unless he wants to screw them up and that their Mom is trying to protect them from his meltdowns and mental illness?

Geeze, dude. Go f*ck yourself. It's not about you.

269 days ago


Here's a thought. Maybe there is a very good reason she doesn't want those kids around you or your house at this particular time. Maybe she is trying to protect them and you, but you are too f'ed up to see that. All of a sudden, she doesn't want you to see them after letting you see them all the time before now. Sounds to me like she knows something the rest of us don't and is keeping her mouth shut about it. Maybe you should try that, too.

269 days ago


Give your Family, children the present they really want. Sobriety and intense therapy the gift that keeps giving.

269 days ago


That is pretty nasty for him to talk to her like that, after she cared for his boys for such a long time. But Denise is worse if she is preventing any Christmas contact by the girls with their dad. A dad is a very important part of a child's mind, no matter how bad the dad is, and keeping them from a gift exchange is bordering on child abuse. And Charlie, you need to stop throwing your money around as though it is your power. Not only is it arrogant, it is heartlessness.

269 days ago
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