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Paris Hilton

In My Book ...

Lindsay's Still a Firecrotch

12/23/2013 7:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton says Lindsay Lohan is dead to her ... claiming the relationship is OVER FOR GOOD after the fight at Lindsay's party in Miami ... and the hatred is burning like a fiery ... crotch.

Hilton was at LAX this weekend and with a smile on her face, told photogs Lindsay is on her "naughty list" this year ... and that she would NEVER make up with her former party pal.

And that was Paris being NICE ... 'cause privately, we know Paris HATES LINDSAY'S GUTS ... and still believes she's the stinky, disgusting "firecrotch" that her pal Brandon Davis ranted about a few years back.

Bottom line -- Lindsay shouldn't expect a Christmas card this year. Or next year ... or the year after that. 



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Mumra the Ever Living    

Nothing about Lohan back on drugs - nothing about her drinking again - just more BS from a supposed gossip site that really just spins garbage in return for favors.
Honest to God TMZ, don't you bother to read what REAL sites are doing nowadays?

303 days ago


Uhhh Paris no one cares what you still think! STFU

303 days ago


don't like Paris but Lindsay is a skank thug imo.

303 days ago

woolly -Bear    

Paris Hilton AKA Toilet T#AT that's what her friends call her in in various friends circles. It's common knowledge in Hollywood that Paris Has a FESTERING case of BAD HERPES and Vaginal WARTS. This according to her sister NIKKI. Not to mention a FLAT ASS and extremely awful S#IT breath. Have a nice day DOUCHE BAG. THE OAF. ;) :) ;(

303 days ago

Clyde T.M. Nestra    

I'm surprised Paris gets any coverage these days, but her brother did get punched out so I guess she is back in the news...for the moment. Incidentally, her left eye is so wonky these days she wears sunglasses in most pictures or poses in a way to minimize the defect.

303 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

If I were Lindsay I would just laugh. Between these two young ladies, Lindsay has the looks and talent. Paris just came out of the right mother and had to resort to a sex tape. Something Lindsay doesn't have to stoop to because she is a skilled actress

303 days ago


A Tale Of Two Apples

Paris had two apples. She cut them up and sold them at an apple slice stand, and made enough loot to buy four apples. She kept doing that. Now Paris has one million apples. Apple Computers was so impressed, they gave Paris a one-billion-dollar deal to be their spokesperson. Now Paris is RICHRICHRICH!! Linds had two apples. She fermented them into jailhouse wine and guzzled it. Now Linds has nothing, so she borrowed more apples from a "good friend for years". She never paid back the apples, so now Linds has debt. She blamed the debt on a black kid. Now the black kid is suing Linds for one billion dollars. See the parallels? Neither does Linds. Or DUIna.

303 days ago


I have to agree,i saw lielos deformed,beat up,twisted,clam on the web and my screen caught a virtual herpie and the drip.

303 days ago


Not for nothing but you don't hear about Paris physically attacking people. However, everywhere Lindsay goes, there's a physical altercation. See the correlation? I don't like neither of them but Paris seems to have gotten her life together and grown up unlike Lindsay, who thinks she can hit and abuse people then use her age old excuse "it wasn't me"

303 days ago


It's hard to decide who is benefitting more from this news..Paris or Lyndsay...

303 days ago


It's hard to decide who is benefitting more from this news..Paris or Lyndsay...

303 days ago


This headline is very misleading as well. Paris doesn't call her a firecrotch in this video. And considering if that was MY brother..I'd have way worse to say.

303 days ago

danga_danga_ troof_ is_cummin    

Paris Hilton makes over $87 dollars an hour from the comfort of her home by banging homeless dudes and putting the night vision footage on the net for all to see!

303 days ago


but does Paris Have the fire Crotch???

303 days ago


Take the Lohans , the Kardashians/Jenners & Paris, stick them in a steel cage, lock the gates, and let them fight to the death.

303 days ago
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