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Paul Walker Death Street

Residents Say Hell No to Name Change

12/23/2013 12:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1222_paulwalker_tmzThere's a war brewing over the street Paul Walker died on ... one group of fans are trying to pay tribute to the late actor by re-naming the road after him -- while many residents want no such thing.

A petition with several thousand signatures has been circulating online -- asking the city of Santa Clarita to change the street's name to "Walker Rodas Memorial Parkway."

Here's the problem ... most residents are saying no way ... because Paul did nothing for the community.

Regardless ... the petition has managed to rack up almost 2K signatures ... and counting.

City councilman TimBen Boydston tells TMZ ... the street can only be renamed with support of the community ... so it seems like a pipe dream.



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Clyde T.M. Nestra    

Put the petition on some celebrity Twitter account and you'll get two million signatures. But it will still be a stupid idea.

304 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

ehhhh someone can open a legal race strip and stick his name on it if they really wanted. Changing street names is just stupid no matter who it is. Want a street named for you. Buy some property and pave one.

304 days ago


Changing the name of the street is a ridiculous idea. If they want to do something in his honor then they should donate to his charity. So many ppl over react. We see it all the time. Nice guy, terrible situation... Ridiculous idea.

304 days ago


I'd hate to live on that street if it changes. Besides the name.

The street I live on was changed and it was a nightmare.
You have to contact post office, bank, phone, tv, it, family, anything that sends you mail or needs your proper address.

I don't know how it works there but here we were stuck with all the **** after. Even the businesses had to go through it all.

303 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

pioneers named a lot of streets and they should remain. they built them. who are we to change it. Becides I already have one named after my last name. Your family had to get to America first :P
or build a new sub division

303 days ago


I liked Paul Walker, but he is no James Dean. And they didn't rename the highway where Dean died.

303 days ago


Never understood the desire to rename places where celebs get killed. Its hardly a happy association is it? Kinda morbid actually although it could remind drivers of the dangers I guess :/

303 days ago


Can this man r.i.p and can his family grieve without tmz and his stans talking about his death everyday?

303 days ago


I'm a huge Paul fan but this idea is ridiculous. Here in NYC, every single bridge, tunnel, transportation anything has been renamed after somebody. Let Paul's legacy be the charitable organization he created, not a renamed street

303 days ago


How about his friend who died with him?....does he get to have his name there?...sick of how people worship these actors.

303 days ago


Positively ABSURD! This man was not a saint. My God, get a stinking grip on some reality here.

303 days ago



303 days ago


If the name of that road is changed, people might as well rename other roads or parts of them where a celebrity was killed. But has that ever happened?
Walker was not a saint so stop pretending like he was one. He was in the wrong car at the wrong time at the wrong place. There is nothing more to it. Maybe he enjoyed the ride when Rodas was hitting the 100+ mark, who knows? Both men payed the highest price.
Walker and Rodas are both past, not present and not future. Nobody can go back to the past and change things, therefore let the past be the past and move on.

303 days ago


"Paul walker death street" seems pretty to the point.

303 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

Ge was a nice guy by all accounts but to name a street after him because he die there in an irresponsible way sends a bad message and isn't fair to people who reside there. Name a street after him in house hometown near his high school or something. It's a better memorial to him anyway. I doubt he'd want that street named after him anyway

303 days ago
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