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Phil Robertson

Even I've Committed Sexual Sin!

12/23/2013 6:18 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Phil Robertson says he is not without sexual sin, but has put it in check by getting hitched.

Phil got up in front of his bible study group Sunday and said, "Sexual sins are numerous and many.  I have a few myself."  But his solution was plain ... "If you're a man, find yourself a woman, marry them and keep your sex right there."

Phil -- who sees the world in black and white -- is defiant about the torrent of criticism -- "I will not give or back off my path,"  adding, "All I did was quote from the scriptures."

Phil gave the Daily Mail access to the study group, and they heard an earful.  He said, "Common sense says we are not going to procreate the human race unless we have a man and a woman."

And the strident "Duck Dynasty" star goes on, "If you're a homosexual, He'll take it away.  If you're an adulterer, if you're a liar, what's the difference?  If you break one sin you may as well break them all ... if we lose our morality, we will lose our country.  It will happen."

And in a not-so-subtle way ... Phil calls out A&E, which acted shocked by his comments:  "This week I have been asked, 'Is this the first time you have brought up sin? ... Are you kidding?  I have been traveling to and fro spreading this message ... I have made hundreds of speeches ..."

And finally, there's this ... Phil railed on people who claim he's an idiot, conceding, "We are a bunch of rednecks from Louisiana, but I am not uneducated.  I have a degree from Louisiana Tech."

Check out the video below with Phil's son, Alan, cracking jokes at Sunday's church service about the controversy.




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Wait so is he saying he had urges but he's one of those pray the gay away and get married for a "cure" kind of people?

This is just getting out of hand. He's a redneck bible thumper what do you expect I guess......

Next story please....

306 days ago


A&E has made a major mistake - for airing these stupid, redneck racists in the first place. Hope A&E learns from this and return back to ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT.

306 days ago


This is "breaking news" ???????

306 days ago

James R. - Los Angeles    

I am so f*coming tired of hearing/reading about this redneck and the retarded show duck dynasty. I'm also sick of the aholes at gladd and lgbt. Get a life!

306 days ago


This story is getting old. Where is Lindsay Lohan? Why is she not lying, stealing, drinking, drugging, and getting caught anymore?

306 days ago


Guy's got issues.

306 days ago


Someone give Lindsay a bag of coke, a bottle of Grey Goose, and a gypsy to punch already

306 days ago


Way to go, Phil. Stand up for what you believe in. If you don't, what's the point in believing in anything if you're going to let the world tell you differently. I applaud you, good sir. You are a hero and a great, great man.

306 days ago


And Why is this breaking news ????

306 days ago


A&E handled this all wrong. A&E should have assigned an ALL GAY crew and let the chips fall. They would have had a stronger reason for their actions.

306 days ago


I do not agree with what he said. But the man has a right to say what he believes in

306 days ago


Your report is misleading. Phil also states he loves men and women and is not a hater of humanity. Your reports spark unwarranted outrage by posting bits rather than the complete accurate story.

306 days ago


Good for him. It's refreshing that he sees the world in black and white. The Bible is written in black and white too. Homosexuals need to understand that there is help for their affliction.

306 days ago


i may not agree with what you say but i will defend your right to say it. **** GLAAD bullies. speak your mind brother

306 days ago


#teamPHIL #teamDuckCommander

Phil has a degree, and he is not the only Robertson who has one.

306 days ago
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