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James Holmes

Victims Families Outraged

Apt. On the Market

12/30/2013 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1228-james-holmes-aurora-getty Victims of James Holmes' murderous rampage are anguished and angry that the apartment he turned into a death trap is being rented again.

We spoke with a number of families after breaking the story that the apartment -- which Holmes booby trapped with 30 grenades and 10 gallons of gasoline with the intent of killing cops -- is on the market, and they feel victimized again and disrespected.

Bill Hoover -- whose grandson A.J. Boik was gunned down by the Aurora shooter -- says, "The place should be burned down or bulldozed."

The landlord is asking $850 a month, boasting the 650 square foot 1 bedroom/1 bathroom unit is completely renovated and furnished.  There's no mention about the previous tenant.

Hoover adds, "He [Holmes] is the epitome of evil and what went on in that building was horrendous ... I don't think anyone would want to stay there if they knew the evil acts that were done."

A member of another victim's family says, "There needs to be a sign saying a worthless killer lived here."

Still, we gotta ask ...



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TMZ, why don't you pay this guy the $850 a month? It seems to bother you that much.

265 days ago


The family members say they feel victimized and disrespected by this apt. being rented? Sounds like a lot of self-pity. You'd think they wouldn't want anyone else to be impacted by their loss and the loss to the community.

265 days ago


The apartment had... nothing to do with anything and this makes no sense. The building is under new management so there are literally no ties to what happened except for the previous tenant. I know that what happened was tragic, but the landlord and the building and the apartment shouldn't be punished for the actions of a crazy person that USED to live there.

265 days ago


It's not the apartment complex's fault. If we followed the logic of the inept then there would be no where to live.

265 days ago


What's the landlord supposed to do, tear it down? He went to college, maybe burn that down too. Makes just as much sense.

265 days ago


How ridiculous! So the building owner has to become a victim as well? No one died there, it was just rented to the man, No need to make it into a shrine...

265 days ago


Wait, the apartment complex should be torn down but not the movie theater? So it's okay to go see movies in the same theater where their loved ones died but not okay to live in an apartment that thankfully no one got hurt in. Hmm.

265 days ago


theyre really trying to stretch what their grief entitles them too arent they? what a petty thing to get upset over.

265 days ago

Waka Waka Waka    

The apartment owner had nothing to do with it. If the victims are so anguished about it why don't they rented out.

265 days ago

Larry Silveira    

I,m not sure as to why the family's want to punish the landlord of the apartment for what someone else did. Dose not make too much sense to me. They need to find another way to vent their anger.

265 days ago


why do they care?? if their family members were killed there then sure, i can see them feeling some sort of way about it. but that's not the case and the landlord isn't advertising that he lived there or charging more for it. some people will just cause problems over everything and anything.

265 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

I don't see the problem. The person who owned the condo where Bob Crane got his head bashed in when up for sale and sold for way above market value, and that's still an unsolved crime. This moronic loser only lived in the place, not killed in it, and even then, it still shouldn't matter.

265 days ago


and this is celebrity news in what way?

265 days ago


So the landlord is supposed to take the financial hit because of what one idiot did? He at least had the decency to remodel it. I'm team landlord.

265 days ago


under the same logic the movie theater should be bulldozed, his college, his high school, his favorite place to eat, where he bought his shoes .. i mean c'mon. how lame. way to stretch your grief out for no reason.

265 days ago
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