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Beyonce 'Trivialized' Deaths of Challenger Crew

1/1/2014 6:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


got off easy with NASA ... rather than saying she blatantly exploited the deaths of the Challenger astronauts, the space agency essentially said she dishonored the memories of the crew.

As you know ... Beyonce's song, "XO" begins with sound from mission control in 1986 ... as they react to the spaceship blowing up and the 7 crew members careening to the ground.

NASA 's response ... "The Challenger accident is an important part of our history; a tragic reminder that space exploration is risky and should never be trivialized."

Beyonce came out with a bizarre, hollow justification ... "The song 'XO' was recorded with the sincerest intention to help heal those who have lost loved ones to remind us that unexpected things happen ..."

It's not exactly that there was suddenly a burning need to help the families cope with the deaths that are almost 2 decades old. 

Could it be that Beyonce just knows good drama when she sees it?


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It amazes me how stupid her and her husband is. Her dump ass husband think that we are friends with Cuba now this dummy is poking fun at a great lost. Maybe they really are DRUNK

234 days ago


My friend's cousin makes $200 a minute making songs that exploit fragmented astronauts.

234 days ago


The 7 crew members careened into the WATER. Not the ground, TMZ. I see your fact checkers have made no New Years resolutions.

234 days ago


I thought a solid rocket booster was a male sexial enhancement

234 days ago


Beyoncé, Go at Throttle: Up

234 days ago

Bossy Potato    

No. It just means beyonce is stupid and thought it would be "deep". Such a dumb a$$.

234 days ago


TMZ almost 2 decade old? How about almost 3 decades old. 1986

234 days ago


"It's not exactly that there was suddenly a burning need to help the families cope with the deaths that are almost 2 decades old. " Let's see... the Challenger diaster happened on January 28, 1986..... almost 28 years ago. It's well over two decades ago and approaching three. Duh!

234 days ago


I'm from the land Down Under but, can still remember this day as clearly as it was only yesterday.... I think that this is a slap to the face to the families/ friends and loved ones of those ones who were sadly lost... It is a very very sad indication of a *artist's* ego, ignorance and also lack social awareness when they start using what is a national tragedy and a family's heartbreak in such a trivial way...

234 days ago

Hot Chocolate    


That's a situation that appears unintentionally offensive and appears insensitive.

It's controversial and discretionary. You have so many people who look up to you you could inspire someone to go emulate a scene from your video and blow something up.

People can be real crazy.

They are trying to say they think you are playing with the death of people who are scientific innovators in a way that's disrespectful and insensitive to families.

Just a suggestion. Tell them you were trying to be artistic and that was not what you intended, if you feel compelled to respond to the controversy.

You need NASA. They help make sure a signal is available for you to feed your music to the cyber universe.

You have to kind of tell people what you intend to portray sometime.

Now you listen to me.

When a young female gets so much wealth and freedom that she can do what she wants to whether they have a man or not, some people don't like that.

See you can open the door to people looking for and finding out things the government didn't want to be known and questioned playing around in the wrong part of art without proper basis.

The government is not a playground.

No disrespect, but unless you have a strong reason, cause or context I would be careful playing in that kind of tragedy for artistic expression.

It's not always what you were trying to do or intended to do, it's what you "look like" you were doing.

Sometime you can give a disclaimer and let people know.

Your issue is somewhere between being blown out of proportion and also being very serious cultural insensitivity.

Just keep expressing yourself. be careful about enabling trivial conflicts. They can snowball into ugly things.

Most people don't view things artistically they view things very literally. That's not your fault. But if you enable their confusion and scrutiny, that's your fault.

Don't worry about it. The last person to be a terrorist would be Beyonce. Terrorists aren't booty shakers like you are. "Bey Good"

And Jay don't don't be giving me no beef for saying something to your woman.

234 days ago


What a disgusting human being....

234 days ago


I think Beyonce is starting to get caught up in her own celebrity. That, and desperation has set in. Beyonce is so talented but she isn't an artist. She has been singing the same song (Crazy in love) for ten years and it's starting to wear thin. There is no substance to her catalog at all. All these street cred antics she is doing now is a bid to maintain her relevance as this girl knows absolutely nothing about the streets. She has no clue about that life.

234 days ago


Hate to tell ya TMZ.. Challenger was almost 3 decades ago.. Fact checking and copy editors go along way..

234 days ago

Yes, I'm That Leah    

Try using your own material. or just retire . I can't stand her.

234 days ago


I love Beyonce and goddamn this happened so many years ago Beyonce was too young herself to remember and the people that listen to her music don't give a damn, it was a malfunction not a part of history it's not like she blew the ship up

234 days ago
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