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1st Legal Weed Purchaser

I'm Not Smoking It!

1/2/2014 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The first man to make a legal weed purchase in the United States ... ever ... is doing the most un-stoner thing possible with his new stash -- he's locking it away in a safe.

32-year-old Sean Azzariti tells TMZ, he's storing his 3.5 grams of Bubba Kush, his truffle edible, and his $57 receipt from the Denver dispensary where he bought all the stuff because he plans to donate it to a museum.

"It's a piece of history, dude," Sean says.

But Sean didn't go un-high on the big day -- he tells us he blazed through some weed from his personal collection to celebrate the momentous occasion, and subsequently binged on gingerbread waffles with apple puree.



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Drunk'n sailor     

It's about time :)

262 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Don't know about in Colorado, but here in Washington state where pot is now legal too (state stores have not opened yet), the only pot that will be legal to purchase and smoke has to come from a state store. That means all the "good sh*t" is still illegal, and now people with green cards can no longer grow their own......)-; they must purchase it from a state store.

262 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

museum? are you fruckn kidding me??? how beyond reality are these people? i'd find my grannies soiled freakin civil war panties in a museum before this douche finds his 'first purchased weed' in a damn museum. and if he does, i hope it burns the hell down. i really wished he would light it on fire and shove it up his asz, where it belongs. so now instead of a bunch of drunks, i hope all lofty colorado is going to be littered with a bunch of lost minded marijuana pot heads roaming their streets. i am going to laugh sooooo hard when that sets in. really. soooo loud, you will hear it calling from the mountain. HAAA HAA HAAAA!! LOOK!!! POT HEAD IN A STUPOR, HEADING YOUR WAY!! XDD YOU ARE ALL SOOO LIBERAL MINDED AND GREAT, IT'S AMAZING! XD

262 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

CIVIL WAR, SEAN BUTTFUQER AZZARITI. DO YOU KNOW WHAT A 'CIVIL WAR' IS???? not something for some buttfuq to go break all the laws of a country millions lost their lives for, so he can go smoke his pot in his little yuppie posh studio apartment and then dream about his purchase landing in the museum, while their ancestors die in the gutters of america. wow. the ignorance is just mind boggling. you have got to be kidding me, right? this is why i fuqn hate america today. all these ****in 'came when all the hard work was done' buttfuqers landed, and have now assumed power by passing this kind of bullchit over the ideals of those who originally founded this nation. this is why i hate modern day america. screw this. let corporations take over and control the people. this is just ridiculous. totally ridiculous.

262 days ago

Fadil Mazrekaj    

Berymt immer

262 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

yeah, go use your 'vet status' as leverage, when all you got going on in your mind is some soiled panties, you cracked out pot head. awwwwwwwwwww he's a poor little vet. now i feel sorry for him. how many of his own people did he kill? xD yeah, you know it's true. i will bet you a billion freakin in god we trust us dollars on that one. one billion dollars, right sean azzariti? a billion freakin us dollars, you killed more of your own people than you should have. ...

262 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

but good that they are looking out for their fellas, right? good that they are looking out for their guys, huh? right, sean? they got your back, don't they?...

262 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

i hate all these stupid names they come up with for pot. just fuqn name one 'soiled panties' already. why fuss around like litl btiches? soiled panties. the best name for this crap.

262 days ago


The Alcohol and Tobacco industries are freaking out, weed will eventually be sold nationally and cut deeply into their poison profits.... people finally realizing cigs and booze kill, weed doesn't. :)

262 days ago


i love how there are a BUNCH of people taking pics of him like its such a big deal. lol.

262 days ago


"first legal weed ever..."? Prohibition had a starting date, didn't it. Therefore everything weed related was legal before then, was it not? Maybe this is the first time it's been taxed, licensed, regulated...but not the first legal transaction.

262 days ago


I better call a museum, I have the first recorded family member that was given a license for Medicinal marijuana and the license to grow his own in Canada. Should I put that in a museum when the time comes? Maybe Madame Tussaud's wax museum will make a lifelike sculpture of my cousin. PFFFTTTT.

262 days ago


TMZ(Propaganda)??? For or against brah???

261 days ago


Most people who make comments on TMZ are HATERS!!!

261 days ago


Ummm weed was legal until the early 20th century. So Do you people even care to fact check your stuff or do you just make it up as you go along?'ever' is pretty stupid of you to say.

261 days ago
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