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Brendon Ayanbadejo

Chris Kluwe Is 100% Right

He Was Cut for Being Pro-Gay

1/3/2014 7:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Former NFL star Brendon Ayanbadejo tells TMZ Sports ... ex-Minnesota Vikings kicker Chris Kluwe is "100% right" about claims he was cut from the team because of his pro-gay rights crusade -- and he's got the stats to back it up.

Ayanbadejo -- who won a Super Bowl with the Baltimore Ravens -- has been friends with Kluwe for a while (they both share the same views on gay rights) ... and tells TMZ Sports he's always suspected Kluwe's activism was the real reason the Vikings cut Kluwe last year. 

FYI -- Kluwe unleashed on Minnesota Thursday in a scathing self-written article on Deadspin, in which he referred to two Vikings officials as "cowards" and another as a "bigot" for cutting him after 8 seasons with the team. The Vikings insist Kluwe was only released as a result of his "football performance." 

But Brendon says the numbers speak for themselves ... Kluwe was great ... but he strongly believes Chris was blacklisted because he's been so outspoken about a cause that doesn't jive with the NFL.

Brendon says if Chris had championed a cause that was NFL-approved, like education or physical fitness, Kluwe would probably still be in the league.

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No Avatar


He isn't playing on the Raiders because their current punter is regularly blasting 65+ yard kicks

293 days ago

Big Mark 91    

Who cares? Teams can cut you for whatever reason they want.

293 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

That white guy in Philadelphia uses the N word NOT in a joking manner and that guy doesn't miss a game, while this guy can't even keep his job for standing up for a minority group of people. Something is wrong here

293 days ago


Did he miss the part where he called them cowards and bigots? And the activist thing? Ok yea you can picket sigh and get all hippy if you want but not if you're a NFLer they still are activist but not hippy style they do activist and charities through more formal ways. That's why he got cut. From not being a good fit into how things are done in the nfl. They do charities activist stuff in suits not in cryptic articles and hippy stuff.

293 days ago


As if nfl is bigoted. After the whole MIAMI dolphin scandal this year, it's definitely not bigot wins all in. Nfl. And by the way all athletes aren't straight everyone knows that and people will always joke about how footballers in tights grabbing eachothers butt and butt in eachothers faces but the fans just want their teams to win, not some PC media fare over a teammates personal life. Nfl and nba it's just tmi and pathetic pub stunt and it's even better if they leave it a mystery to where people are still fascinated with them. Tebow, Aaron Rodgers no one really knows the truth and no one cares to know the truth for mysterious are sometimes sexier.

293 days ago


There's more to this than what's on black & white here. Of course he'll never fess up to it but just ride the gay card excuse for all the paychecks it's worth at the end of his years of complaining.

293 days ago

Hot Dumb Italian Mike    

Great irony of the entertainment industry; out of film,music,stage,art and even the fashion industry. The sports world seems to have the most closeted Gays. That said, I could care less whose Gay or Hetero.....just play the game. Go Steelers!!!

293 days ago


He probably sucked azz on the field. Tom Brady could gang bang the entire Patriots team at halftime and Kraft would bring the Gatorade.

292 days ago


8 years is a long run in the NFL what's he complaining about?

292 days ago


Funny how gay rights activists say they r against bullying and want equal rights but if anyone has their own belief they start name calling and try to bully ppl into having their same beliefs. Bunch of hypocrits.

292 days ago


Well! Well! U don't say,taking up 4 pillow biters'hay.

292 days ago


Can't we all just be pro people. I am so sick of hearing cries of discrimination ever time I sign on to TMZ. Is this a propaganda site or a celeb gossip site? Just an fyi...all of us have felt discriminated against many times but we get pissed for ten minutes and then go about our day.

292 days ago


why are this man's boobs almost as big as mine?

292 days ago


**** happens!! Especially if u have your dick in some guys ass

292 days ago


Is that chest muscles or boobs they look like boobs too me

292 days ago
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