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Paul Walker

Autopsy Report

Horrifying Injuries

1/3/2014 1:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Paul Walker's entire body was charred through the skin it was burned so badly ... this according to the autopsy ... burned so bad none of his organs were suitable for donation.

According to the report ... obtained by TMZ ... Walker's body was laying supine in the passenger seat in a "pugilistic stance" -- that's a defensive position, as if he were bracing himself for impact.

He had multiple fractures throughout his body, including his jaw, collarbone, and left upper arm.  There were also various ribs and pelvic fractures.

The report concludes Walker died from "combined effects of traumatic and thermal injuries" sustained from the Nov. 30 crash in Santa Clarita, CA.

According to the report, the L.A. County Coroner is preserving portions of Paul's organs in a jar -- sources tell us tissues are kept for a certain period of time in case of lawsuits.

Roger Rodas -- the driver -- suffered major head trauma with the top portion of his skull fractured and his brain exposed.

No alcohol or drug traces were found in either body.

The report also says there was "scant soot in Walker's trachea" -- suggesting he took a few breaths after impact.  Sources close to the investigation, however, tell TMZ, they believe both men died almost immediately.

And the report goes on ... Paul had 14% carbon monoxide saturation in his blood stream ... the normal level is 2%.  Roger had 10%.

According to the report ... after impact the car spun 180 degrees, struck a tree and nearly tore in half before exploding in flames.




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I am glad he didn't suffer at all.

199 days ago


R.I.P. Pauly. One of the most handsome male actors since the beginning of his career! I will miss U and your charactor in Fast&furious flicks. Please don't scrap his parts already filmed for 7 producers! He would have wanted to still be in the film if he knew his fate. It can be written in such a way it is a tribute to both he and his fans, tears will flow regardless, this man was hUge important to a franchise many love & honor!

199 days ago


So sad. Poor Paul! Glad he didn't suffer and glad he's in heaven. What a lovely angel he'll be!

199 days ago


It's very sad that these guys are dead,if you go back a few years Corey rudi also died when the same car spun off the track and caught fire or even Jeff Dunn he also died in a porshe! Jay Leno spun out also it should tell you that these cars have issues and we're not designed right that all these people die in these cars!! If I was Paul walkers family I would file a lawsuit against the porshe company something does not seem right

198 days ago


I would've preferred hearing that there WERE alcohol or drug traces found in either body.
least then I'd know they didn't die of their own foolish speeding !

198 days ago

Adnan Ahmed    

The pugilistic stance is not indicative of "bracing for impact", its what naturally happens to a body that is exposed to extremely high temperatures in a fire regardless of whether death occurred before or after the fire..

198 days ago


Too bad he wasn't carrying a 100 mega tonne warhead.

198 days ago


REALLY ! TMZ as time goes by I find that your publication gets more and more disgusting and despicable. This will be my very last visit to your website because this is not news, it is actually an invasion of privacy. Although the records may be public. This type of information. So soon after the death of a loved one to really push a person over the age. While there are some things that are need to know and on a need to know only basis. This definitely falls under the family only need to know basis. If they choose ! I have lost several friends in traumatic and tragic car accident. One of which was a 16 passenger van that burst into flames when it was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer and that was 10 years ago but to see this and the details that you have expose is totally the grading. An simply sad!

197 days ago

Captain Murr    

Maybe he's born with it maybe it's gasoline.

197 days ago


r.i.P Paul

197 days ago


poor Walker...

It's free. Show your support to my fund raising campaign:

197 days ago


i have no sympathy for these men. paul walker and his friend acted like idiots and they died like idiots. they acted badly and endangered themselves and everyone else with their stupid street racing that led to their death. that's what it was - not some tragic romantic accident as many like TMZ are trying to spin it - it was their own stupid fault. in my opinion their estates should be sued for the money and resources (police, fire, etc) that was wasted by their act of stupidity to save their lives and protect the public. i am glad that they are dead because now there are less stupid people breathing the air.

197 days ago


It's pretty bad when the person doing the autopsy says the body was found in a pugilistic stance because he was bracing himself for impact. WHAT kind of trained coroner says that??? When a person dies in a fire, the fire causes their ligaments and tendons to contract and it raises their arms into what looks like someone fighting in the old days, hence the term pugilist! The coroner seems to be incompetent.

196 days ago


this is the never ending story....he is dead, do we still need more details on how his body was toasted in the crash? Must be a slow day in Hollywood for news. He was a great actor.

196 days ago




196 days ago
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