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Y & R's Michael Muhney

Fired For Allegedly

Groping Co-Star's Breasts

1/4/2014 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0103-michael-muhney-Hunter-King-tmzMichael Muhney, a big soap star who played Adam Newman on "The Young & the Restless" -- was fired last month after one of his co-stars complained to the brass that he grabbed her boobs -- on 2 occasions ... TMZ has learned.

Multiple sources connected to the show tell TMZ ... 38-year-old Muhney allegedly bullied and harassed 20-year-old Hunter King, who plays Summer on the show.  She went to higher-ups and complained recently Muhney had fondled her breasts on 2 occasions -- and she said both were unsolicited and unwanted.

Sources tell us ... the new allegations were the proverbial "straw that broke the camel's back."  Muhney -- who is married with 3 kids -- had been a problem on the set for a long time, allegedly bullying and harassing Hunter and others.  He even admitted in a recent interview with HuffPo's Canada TV after getting fired, "Sometimes I've walked around with a big backpack of hubris."
Muhney's last show will air January 30th.

Muhney has been an extremely popular character on the show, and fans are threatening to stop watching. 

Calls and emails to Muhney's rep were not returned.


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Crystal- Skill    

If he was such a sexual horror around set, why did they resign him for 2 years in December. ..hmmm and i just read that CBS head of Daytime is married to a TMZ reporter...hmmm, csll me curious

289 days ago

Crystal- Skill    

Has any one noticed" sh" posted almost 10x on the comment board...omg that must be Hunter King defending herself on the low LOL I SEE U

289 days ago


all issues aside,cant blame him

289 days ago


They are "allegations". Is there proof? Or is it he said/she said? Was if filmed or was their a witness or did he confess? Since nothing was seems to proven and just allegations. Why haven't formal charges been laid if its true? Is there a ongoing investigation? What happened to innocent until proven guilty. Whether the allegations are true or not, Hunter King is now a bigger liability than Michael Muhney. No producer is going to risk an accusation of sexual harrassment. I do feel for her if he did harass her, but her career is over.

289 days ago


This whole story saddens me. I really loved "Adam' and I respect the actor who plays him. I think before this story was made public hard facts should have been provided. Not some gossip that can not be confirmed by either source. Or a question of who started the gossip in the first place and why they did. Micheal is very vocal on his twitter and has addressed fans more then any other soap star which to me says something about his character and dedication. Not to mention Michelle Stafford is also very vocal and seems to be a strong woman who is known to protect younger actors on set. If this did happen months ago she would have still been on the show and I am sure her "TV Daughter" would have come to her since Hunter made it public in an interview when she started that they were very close and Michelle took her under her wing . The whole thing for me has a taste of a cover up and damage control. I think we should know the full facts before judging and tarnishing either of their reputations .

289 days ago


Most of these people act like they were in the room when it happened let the man speak his peace, before you start judging. Suppose this was you in this situation?? No one actually knows but the two parties involved and only one has spoken out. SHUT UP!!!

289 days ago


I remember reading an interview with Tracey Bregman (Lauren Fenmore) years ago. She was speaking about her work relationship with Doug Davidson (Paul Williams) and that he was a real jokester on the set. One time as they were prepping for a bedroom scene, Tracey got into the bed in her body stocking and Doug was already in the bed. Underneath the blankets he was completely nude, unbeknownst to Tracey. It was laughed off as a prank. My question is this: Why then was Doug Davidson not fired immediately? My next question is: If this is the environment that is fostered by the powers that be at Y&R, how is it that they pick and choose that it is ok for this set of folks, but not that set? By no means do I support the groping of any co-worker, but you cannot pick and choose who you want to make an example of when they all do it. I'll bet every cast member on that set has groped at least one co-worker. I've seen interviews where the males do it among each other (grope). I don't think it fair that one day they just decide that it is not ok for one person to do what the rest have been doing all of this time. I think this was a set up. Someone needs to start asking around about the "incidents" that go on there on a daily basis. You cannot say that "oh, Tracey had no issue with it, so it's ok". Whether or not she had issue is not the point. It was done and it was inappropriate and leads others to believe that it is ok. That is how you avoid future incidents of truly unwanted advances, by addressing the ones that occur. The entire shooting staff was aware of the Tracey/Doug incident as they were there. It isn't like nobody knew about it or nobody had witnessed it. I like Tracey and Doug, but had to put this out there. That whole place is screwed up. What is ok for some, is not ok for others and that is not right. MM may have a reason to file his own lawsuit.

289 days ago


Don't believe this BS accusation. This guy was the only reason why I still watched. If he goes, I go.

289 days ago


also a rumour going around that Michael argued that he didnt want his character to be the one that killed Delia. Im sure this hit close to home for him since he has three kids..

289 days ago


Who knows if that's true or not.....I'm a fan of him on the show and follow him on twitter...he's KNOWN for being a talker and probably says things that get him in trouble (calling people and situations out). I've read Y&R has been getting A LOT of backlash for getting rid of this could be a spin to make him look bad. I've actually read things from other people who are on the show who've shot down this rumor a few weeks who knows.

289 days ago


Seriously? People are threatening to stop watching because they fired a married family man that was groping a 20-year-old? Wonderful that all that matters to them is seeing their favorite fake personality on television. Get a life, or at least some morals.

289 days ago


Just wanted to say I have watched Y&R since inception - always loved the show and characters. If this rumor is true and should be thoroughly investigated, get him out quick. If they need to recast, let them do so. This man does not deserve to be on any show if allegations are true.

289 days ago


I find it odd that since this story came out that neither Hunter or Michael have spoken out to say whether or not this happened. If this was not true , I would expect Michael to come forward and say it never happened. So far nothing has been said. Maria arena Bell put a statement on daytime confidential that " Tommy , I am a fan of Michael Muhney the actor , not the person. " he should have been fired in the past for his behind the scenes actions". She implies that because he was a fan fave that nothing was done. So now that Hunter went to the top they had no choice but to fire him. Also she says that all this has ruined the character of Adam because they did what they did with Delia. And ruined it. It was known Michael was not happy with this storyline . It sounds like a whole lot of bs going on over there and his exit was a long time coming. I will still watch the show. If u look at his previous tweets he is a pig. Some of his tweets are so full of ****iness . That ****iness cost him his job. He did say it was entirely on him. Regardless the girl should be protected not bashed. Sorry muhney fans but face the reality here he screwed up big time now he will probably never work in Hollywood again no one is going to hire a sexual harrasser. I feel for his wife he has a lot of explaining to do. No longer a Muhney fan .

289 days ago

Reality Check 44    

TMZ should have never named Hunter King. That's on them. As far as Hollywood never hiring him again, you don't know much about Hollywood, do you?

Read more:

289 days ago


If he did not do it, then why is he not letting people know he is innocent. Smells like guilt.

289 days ago
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