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Y & R's Michael Muhney

Fired For Allegedly

Groping Co-Star's Breasts

1/4/2014 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0103-michael-muhney-Hunter-King-tmzMichael Muhney, a big soap star who played Adam Newman on "The Young & the Restless" -- was fired last month after one of his co-stars complained to the brass that he grabbed her boobs -- on 2 occasions ... TMZ has learned.

Multiple sources connected to the show tell TMZ ... 38-year-old Muhney allegedly bullied and harassed 20-year-old Hunter King, who plays Summer on the show.  She went to higher-ups and complained recently Muhney had fondled her breasts on 2 occasions -- and she said both were unsolicited and unwanted.

Sources tell us ... the new allegations were the proverbial "straw that broke the camel's back."  Muhney -- who is married with 3 kids -- had been a problem on the set for a long time, allegedly bullying and harassing Hunter and others.  He even admitted in a recent interview with HuffPo's Canada TV after getting fired, "Sometimes I've walked around with a big backpack of hubris."
Muhney's last show will air January 30th.

Muhney has been an extremely popular character on the show, and fans are threatening to stop watching. 

Calls and emails to Muhney's rep were not returned.


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Why are people STILL defending him?Where is the support for the victim? Some of these women that watch soaps act like the personally know him. Solo sad.

289 days ago


There are two sides to every story ... from Katy Muhney Joeckel, MM's real-life sister:

As Michael Muhney's sister all I have to say is that NOBODY should believe what you read or hear. Only Michael knows the truth. And there is NO truth to the rumors flying around. My brother is incredible and will go on to do something bigger and better and look back at Y & R as a learning experience. He has class and grace like no one else in the business. Nobody will ever replace him as Adam but all of you fans out there ... thank you for your support of my AMAZING brother and keep your eyes open to see him in much bigger, better roles. Very much appreciated. Thank you from the Muhney family. ###

289 days ago

Valerie Beverly    

Anyone once knowing why he was fired threatens to stop watching the show is just as big of a POS as he is. Anyone standing up for someone who is sexually assaulting someone especially them married i wouldn't want their kind watching the show or be affiliated with the show

289 days ago


Bring back Michael Damian!

289 days ago


I still think there's more to it. He had to pick on the least attractive one too. Just seems funny they'd fire on her word. Hope they kill him off at least so Adam can never be replaced !!

289 days ago

Charlie Bradley    

I cannot believe that 1) Michael was fired 2) TMZ would feed off of such a rumor that detrimentally impacts not only Michaels's reputation, but also that of another actress on The Young and The Restless! This was in no way, shape , form, or fashion what we wanted when our facebook group, For the Love of Muhney reached out to your news outlet. Having seen some of the behind the scenes interaction between the actors on Y&R I do not believe that this even remotely happened. I have my theories on why this rumor even got started, but, I will reserve them in the interest of representation of myself and my colleagues on social media.

289 days ago


Ive been a longtime Y&R viewer and dont believe this rumour for one minute...Hunter King is a crap actress, one of many on the show at the moment. I personally love the character of Adam, he brings such depth to the show and Michael Muhney is a great actor who portrays Adam with much emotion and character...I somehow feel this was all made up to get him off the show because of his opinions.

289 days ago

Kelly Weiss    

No I dont believe this at all! Was not confirmed by his rep its just a bunch of ****!

289 days ago

Dark Knight    

"Sometimes I've walked around with a big backpack of douche nozzle". Fixed it for you, a-hole. Wake-up call. You're on a soap opera. Not exactly Clint Eastwood makin' movies here.

289 days ago


SHAME on TMZ, this site gets more disgusting and shameful and keeps pushing the envelope with its gossip!!! This story is a COMPLETE and UTTER LIE!!!!!!!!!! I really hope Michael Muhney sues this site and leads the way for other stars to do the same when disgusting fiction is written about them.....what a joke this site is......

289 days ago

d. smith    

seems like he didnt have any real ppl around him...he was "unchecked" obviously

289 days ago


This is utter BS! It's just more crap Jill Farren Phelps has put out there to try and discredit Muhney so she can take her eyes off the real problem: her. It is well know in the soap world that when JFP is hired she gets rid of many actors to hire her friends. We call them FOJ's or "Friends of Jill." Since she has taken over the storylines, sets, and music has gone downhill. I have met Michael Muhney before at soap events and have spoken with him numerous times and he is a very respectful man. What TMZ is reporting is baseless and a rumor for JFP to detract from the fact that since she's come on three of the most talented actors have left: Michelle Stafford being edged out by such crap writing that she quit, Billy Miller who was blindsided during negotiations to keep his contract like it had been in previous years only to have them hire David Tom behind his back, and finally Michael Muhney who didn't shy away from putting the ugly truth all out there. Yes it is well know Muhney got under the brass' skin by calling for reform of the Emmy system, calling out the cliques behind the scenes, and for refusing to kowtow down to Eric Braeden who has deluded himself into believing he really is "The Great Victor Newman." It should be told that EB is very aggressive towards Michael Muhney because he stood up for Sharon Case who was not pleased, like many of her fans, that she had to act romantically in scenes with a man she'd seen as her character's father. EB took offense and so started their feud and it has not been his only one. Take Maura West whose firing is linked to EB because she wouldn't sleep with him. It is necessary to say that Michael Muhney is also very good friends with Maura. So while yes Muhney is controversial it's because he stands up for the little guy. This is a man who stands up to bullies, not one who does the bullying. He's a man of great compassion and activism for equality for every man regardless of race or sexual orientation, like his many tweets supporting gay rights & justice for Trayvon. So yes when he said he's "walked around with big backpack of hubris" he has because he won't stand back quietly when something shady is going on, he shines a light and calls it like it is without thinking of the ramifications the people who are good with the shady dealings will do to him in return. What he's been accused of is not something he is capable of doing. I also think it should be mentioned the girl supposedly doing the accusing is one of the newbies many fans are complaining about, a FOJ who was brought in from Hollywood Heights along with about 4 others from the same show, which was JFP's previous gig before Y&R. I don't know how this story looks to people who don't watch soaps or who are not involved in the soap community but for alot of us this story doesn't sit right. That is why so many of us are threatening to tune out. I have watched Y&R for 32 years and JFP is destroying the show I love just like she did Another World and Guiding Light. Those are now off the air and she is following the same pattern with Y&R. It's why there are nearly 5,000 signatures on a petition to fire her. And it's way many of us won't believe this baseless accusation given her history and Muhney's track record. Is he ballsy? Yes. Does he have an ego? Yes. Is he capable of this? Absolutely not! Is he stupid enough to do this? again, absolutely not! This man is a member of Mensa, and for those of you who don't know what that is, it means his IQ is over the 98th percentile, and this is an international organization. Just think about that for a minute, Michael Muhney is one of the most intelligent people in the world. Again, is he dumb enough to do this? I don't just think not, I know he's not. He was an easy scapegoat because of his defiance to buck against unfair systems for Jill to detract the attention off of the real problem at Y&R and that's her. Do some research and you'll know what many soap fans do, that this is a bunch of malarky. We stand by Michael Muhney and will continue to do so because we know what kind of man he is,and in turn we know who JFP is too.

289 days ago

The Man They Call Louis    


289 days ago


They royally screwed up by firing him. Why would they hire a woman who has ruined two soaps, that Jill lady? Bring MM back!!!

289 days ago


The fans should be cheering this, not threatening not to watch.. I suppose most of the fans are women and if they support this ass they are pathetic!!

289 days ago
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