Dina Lohan's DWI Case SHOCKED At Lawyer's Sobriety!

1/7/2014 12:45 AM PST
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Dina Lohan seemed authentically shocked that her lawyer spent New Year's Eve sober as a judge ... and speaking of which ...

Watch the video (1 minute in) ... kinda hysterical -- it seems Dina just can't believe her lawyer didn't hit the bottle.  As for her ... she says she stayed home.

Now staying home could still mean she boozed it up, but inside court Dina told the judge in her DWI case she's stone cold sober and is half way through her 12-step program, consistently testing negative for drugs and alcohol.

So Dina's back in court in March, when presumably she'll have completed all 12 steps and the DWI case will be resolved.