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Anne Hathaway

Near-Death Encounter

Gets Mouth-To-Toe Resuscitation

1/9/2014 12:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anne Hathaway got ripped in Hawaii yesterday ... and it was almost a disaster.

Anne was soaking in the Oahu sun with hubby Adam Shulman ... when she decided to take a dip. What she wasn't counting on -- a gnarly riptide. 

Luckily, a local surfer heard her screams and raced out to rescue her ... bringing her safely back to shore.  But just like a bad movie, it wasn't over ... not even close.

On her way in, Anne cut her foot on a reef, and the blood started flowing.  Once on shore, Adam took over and immediately pulled a Quentin Tarantino -- sucking possible toxins out of her toe.

She was grimacing for sure, but not for long.  Later in the day she posed on the beach for pics with fans.

Life's a beach. And then you get sucked.


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Reading these comments and just life in general , the massive hate directed at women never ceases to amaze me . A woman cannot be accomplished , smart , and successful without people bashing her . If you are a troubled woman , you are ripped apart . If you are a successful woman that keeps out of trouble , you are also ripped to shreds . Females just can't win. I guess they would be happy if Anne Hathaway turned into another Lindsay Lohan or Dana Plato . All of this is very disgusting and scary .

287 days ago

Joseph Hanania    

A rip tide is very dangerous., and this has nothing to do with drinking. It is a current of water flowing into the ocean., taking you out with it . f you are ever caught, don't fight the current. Escape by swimming left or right, parallel to the shore. When you are out of the current, swim in. This is from someone who got caught in a rip tide a year ago at an unprotected beach in Costa Rica. Above all, KEEP YOUR HEAD. Am glad that Anne Hathaway got rescued.

287 days ago


YES, LUCKILY a local surfer heard her screams because the photographer was busy taking pics of her drowning... this is why people need to be protected from these vultures!

287 days ago


she's fugly and old looking plus a mean witch.....

287 days ago

Real n the field    

now lets tun the tables shall we..
if a man was drowning, and a"woman" was standing on the shoreline, do you think for 1 minute, she would attempt to jump in and save him
I think NOT!
She would be too busy taking selfies with her lips pushed out, or tweeting pics of her sexy bikini that she is wearing.
And if it was a black woman, you can be 100& sure
she wouldn't attempt to save your azz, cause
"black" women would NEVER get there fake indian hair WEAVE wet.

287 days ago


oh boy she's an actress for sure. glad she's ok. but... come on first aide kit drama for the big toe... what a scene and sealed with a kiss. her poor husband probably had a long day after all that. geez

286 days ago


WOW!! That there my friends, is TRUE LOVE!!!

285 days ago
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