Anne Hathaway Near-Death Encounter Gets Mouth-To-Toe Resuscitation

1/9/2014 12:01 PM PST

Anne Hathaway -- Near-Death Encounter ... Gets Mouth-to-Toe Resuscitation

Anne Hathaway got ripped in Hawaii yesterday ... and it was almost a disaster.

Anne was soaking in the Oahu sun with hubby Adam Shulman ... when she decided to take a dip. What she wasn't counting on -- a gnarly riptide. 

Luckily, a local surfer heard her screams and raced out to rescue her ... bringing her safely back to shore.  But just like a bad movie, it wasn't over ... not even close.

On her way in, Anne cut her foot on a reef, and the blood started flowing.  Once on shore, Adam took over and immediately pulled a Quentin Tarantino -- sucking possible toxins out of her toe.

She was grimacing for sure, but not for long.  Later in the day she posed on the beach for pics with fans.

Life's a beach. And then you get sucked.