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Robin Wright & Sean Penn

My New Side Piece is Better Than Yours

1/13/2014 5:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Sean Penn and Robin Wright both flaunted their post-divorce lovers all over Hollywood over the weekend -- giving us the perfect chance to play everyone's fave game: Who'd You Rather?

Special rebound edition!



No Avatar


wifebeater Sean Penn is no prize

261 days ago


Good for Robin. I hope everything works out for her.

261 days ago


not much change for Sean
Charlene & Robin look like sisters...

261 days ago


Sean always looks like he's thisclose to a heart attack. Sorry, JMHO.

261 days ago


Sean is so lucky because Charlize is one of the hottest women in Hollywood, I would drink the water in the toilet after she used it and get off!

261 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

I doubt either of them are the type to keep score on that type of thing

261 days ago


Neither one of these relationships will last. Give it a little time.

261 days ago

I steal pets    

If i had to choose, and this is a huge if, I choose to be grateful I have a job. Blue ugly wishes he has a boss to punch. Here i grammar an punctuational for Blue to correction, and troll on.

261 days ago


Sean Penn is just another stupid Liberal with a life of drugs, cheating, spousal abuse, divorce and failure who amazingly thinks the public needs his sick mind to instruct us on how to live, what to believe and think.
It's really pathetic when you see an actor, who plays make believe for a living and has a life full of disasters and failure preach to the public about politics and right and wrong.

To Clooney, Penn, Oprah, ScarJo, Damon, Affleck, Carrey, Go **** yourselves! Instead of trying to preach to people go deal with your broken lives, abandoned kids your drug and alcohol problems and shut the **** up!!
You're like Kindergartners trying to tell High School kids what to do in life.
You're ****ing actors. You play make believe like little children for a living. You're nothing. She the **** up!

260 days ago


The robin weight & Ben foster relationship does seem real & legit, whereas that Charlize Theron & Sean Penn relationship seems so fake. He's gay and she's just bearding for him which is a waste of time since they don't need to fake it right now to get work since both of them already hit their fame peaks.

260 days ago


Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!

260 days ago


Charlize and Sean have been friends for years. There are worse starts to a relationship. I know next to nothing about Robins new love. Both couples look happy though. Charlize is gorgeous, but that doesn't say anything about how she is in a committed relationship. Looks are always deceiving.

260 days ago


What does any woman see in Sean Penn? I mean, I loved him as Spiccoli, and he's a decent actor, but he's not much to look at and his antics are a turn off.

260 days ago


Thanks Sean. Thanks for staining and ruining Charlize Theron forever for me. She was a Godess in my eyes. Now, I can only see her as a soiled piece of trash. Ugh... Can you picture them together in bed? Uuuuugh!!!

260 days ago

In Depth News    

Mega millionaire & dictator supportter Sean Penn still supports totalitarian regimes that enslave people .

In these dictators ruled regimes that Sean penn supports the only celeb that matters is the dictator ..

It appears that hollywood celebs are selling out their own industry by attending tyrant supporter sean penn events ..
There needs to be much more competition to hollywood/media in order to save the industry that use to be a sysmbol of actual freeom but not really anymore .

260 days ago
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