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Juan Pablo Galavis

Gay 'Bachelor' Would Be Bad Influence on Kids

1/18/2014 10:51 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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"The Bachelor"' star Juan Pablo Galavis apparently believes gays are more perverted than the average bear ... because he thinks putting a gay equivalent of him on the show would poison the mind's of children.

Juan Pablo raised some waxed eyebrows when he spoke to The TV Page saying "I don't think it is a good example for kids" ... and then said gay people are "more pervert in a sense."

Juan Pablo's gag reflex apparently isn't that good ... because he thinks the show would be too hard to watch if the star were gay.

So, we gotta ask ...

12:55 PM PT -- Warner Horizon Television and the show's executive producers just released a statement saying, "Juan Pablo’s comments were careless, thoughtless and insensitive, and in no way reflect the views of the network, the show’s producers or studio."

2:25 PM PT -- Juan Pablo posted an apology on his Facebook page saying his words were "taken out of context" (even though TV Page released the audio with the story) ... and he has nothing but respect for gay people.

Juan Pablo also says he didn't mean to call homosexuality "pervert" ... and blames the bad choice of words on his crappy English.


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Soooo... kids should be watching The Bachelor, as long as it features straight people? I'm an adult, and even I can't stand this vapid garbage. It's definitely not what kids should pick up as a model for adult relationships.

279 days ago


Who in the hell watches this lame ass show anyway?

279 days ago


A show about one individual whom dates and sleeps with upwards of sixteen other individuals while one or more of them is completely wasted and incapable of consenting to the encounter over a three month period in the hopes of finding one person they will marry for three months? Appropriate wholesome television for the whole family. A show about two individuals in a loving, committed, faithful, long term relationship where they both happen to be the same sex? An evil abomination that will corrupt our youth and make them **** dogs!

279 days ago


Why would kids be watching that show anyway? SMH

279 days ago

She's baaaack    

Oh okay, but a man with obvious famewhore tendencies who immerses himself in famewhore women in what amounts to a harem is just fine. Assh0le, about 95% of reality show participants are nothing but famewhores and apparently you are competing to be their king.

279 days ago


Can we please stop beating around the bush with the gay issue !!!! Of course gay people are more perverted, ever been to one of their parades ? Sure doesn't look like the Macys Thanksgiving day parade. The gay movement likes to portray gays as two nice people just like you and me who love each other and the reality is that 99% of gays go from one lover to the next , most are on drugs and they account for 78% of new HIV cases since the data was last collected in 2012. So yes, gays are more perverted, diseased and have less morals than the average hetero person. We all know this its just some are too brainwashed by political correctness to say it.

279 days ago


Well.. I used to think he was quite handsome. He just turned "ugly" to me based on his comments. JERK!

279 days ago


they should let jerry sandusky be on the bachelor.i mean who are we to judge him and tell him he cant love who he wants to love right? i mean thats the line the gay lovers always play.

279 days ago


Who let's their kids watch any of these shows?

279 days ago


I used to think he was quite good looking. You can't judge a book by it's cover. "Ugly" on the inside. JERK!

279 days ago


"mind's" should be "minds"
Drop the apostrophe , please!!

Engrish 101 ; P

279 days ago


Someone ought to tell Juan Pablo that the their isn't much different between him and Harvey and watching gays or straights on the bachelor is harmful to society as a whole.

279 days ago


Lol. This is almost as good as Sherri "I've had more abortions than I can count" Shepherd passing her judgment on the sin of homosexuality yesterday. ABC must be sh**ing themselves right now!

279 days ago


Yeah, because a show where one guys dates a bunch of chicks in front of each other is really not perverse at all.

279 days ago


he is probably a homo himself

279 days ago
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