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Justin Bieber

Guzzles High Quality Sizzurp

1/19/2014 12:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber and his buddies drink the champagne of sizzurp ... and lots of it  -- TMZ has learned.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ...  Justin is a fan of Actavis prometh with codeine cough syrup -- known in the lean community as top of the line.

Street value runs around $800 a pint ... the biggest size you can get.  It's not something you can buy over the counter at CVS for sure.  You can either get it with a prescription or get it somewhere outside the U.S.  We're told Bieber does the latter -- he has a connection that secures it in another country.

Our sources say when Justin is at his worst ... he downs between 8 and 12 ounces a day ... which is A LOT.

We broke the story ... Justin's people are urging him to go to rehab to tackle his drug problem ... but so far he's been resistant.


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He's a regular Michael Jackson. We'll see how long he lasts if he don't get help.

242 days ago


I take codeine cough syrup and Tylenol 4 almost daily. It does not have me addicted. In fact I'd rather smoke a bowl of weed than take a pain pill any day.

242 days ago


If it's legal what the issue?

242 days ago


Hah the media needs to leave that nigha Alone already lol. Let him do what he wants. What Rapper/singer doesn't do That. Smh media just trying to kill my nighas vibe

242 days ago

oh really     

This kid is too immature to realize his actions are wrecking his career , all these hangers on , encouraging him, because they have nothing to lose.
Why on Earth , would hedo this stuff, in a super upscale residential area , surrounding by equally rich people, trying to protect themselves from this drug and bad behavior element , by living in a gated community , and not expect them to be calling the police , every time he acts out is beyond me.
I would say his manager is looking for the next young kid he can mold into a teen idol, ...very sad, he is so young and stupid..throwing it all away.

242 days ago

boo boo    

He has's called Canada and a load of American grandparents also have "connections".

242 days ago

boo boo    

For all your coughing, stuffy head, runny nose, aching, so you can rest medicine.

242 days ago


Jajajaj . We got MDs in LA that will write u up a RX take it to your local CVS and get it for cheap...this is eazy to get people...hit me up ill give address and MD name that can hook u up...

242 days ago

the truth    

Chug...Chug...Chug...that a boy

242 days ago


that kid must just stay baked all day, with the Prometh and all the weed he smokes

242 days ago


Codeine can cause constipation for a lot of people, very common side effect. So, that Bieber is probably full of crap, and passing a lot of those squealer type farts, tell-tale sign of sluggish colon, and it smells like fermented cabbage and fish.

242 days ago


Like you guys didn't know bieber used the lean! C'mon folks tmz and others make us feel that we know the inside scoop to these people's lives but that's rarely the case. Eventually, we end up knowing the secrets but it always takes a while for the bad ones to surface. In regards to codeine, it is the most widely abused and popular drug amongst rappers (in recent years), thanks in part to guys like wayne; and then we have bieber...who does he attempt to emulate in his talk and dress and everything else? Rappers. So it's obvious bieber and many others who partake in the "lifestyle" are going to live the lifestyle. The stuff is fairly hard to get on a consistent basis unless you have deep drug connections and/or a lot of money (and a lot of money gets you good connects). Opiates can be hell to kick, don't wish it on anyone....but if it's gotta happen to someone....guess id pick jb :/

242 days ago

boo boo    

He should switch to steroids, then he will look like a man instead of a girl AND he will be able to fight his own battles instead of making 5 guys do it for him.

242 days ago


This breaks my heart. Addiction is so cunning an baffling. I wish that I would've gotten sober at his age but I'm in my 30s now and just recently got myself some help. Thinking about him having to inshore all that I've had to endure in the past 10+ years is as I said, heartbreaking. I wish that he would get himself some help before he ruins his life and his career. Opiates are terrible to kick...

242 days ago


Too bad, I personally do not care for him but it is sad situation that he has bad influences in his life that he will be the only one suffering from these decisions. The least he could do is have in-state prescriptions filled of this stuff,he doesn't know what he is getting from overseas.

242 days ago
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