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'Hollywood Hillbillies'

Jews Are Too Smart For Manual Labor

1/22/2014 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A backwoods woman who came to L.A. to become famous had better learn a lesson about Hollywood ... don't talk crap on the Jews.

A woman named Mema from a small Georgia town has loaded up her truck and moved to Beverly ... for a new show called "Hollywood Hillbillies." 

Here's what triggered her comment.  She spent the day with her "Jewish manager" David Weintraub and watched him do deals on his cell phone and drive around town in his Rolls.  She was so impressed, it led her to the conclusion about leaving manual labor to certain types of gentiles.

We're told REELZChannel is actually planning to air the Jewish comment on the show.

We're guessing REELZ is run by ...


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Ah, the comments are more funny than anything. I'm Jewish and believe me I've had my hands dirty in construction. There is a difference between joking and making generalizations vs pure hatred.
Lighten up folks!
Americans are the most open warm people any country in the world. America was a savior for my kind.

219 days ago


if youve ever wanted to feel completely worthless as a human being date a jewish girl when you arent jewish.

219 days ago


On the contrary, some jews in the middle east shovel a whole lot of dirt, and in lands that are not their own by law, but by what some geezer wrote some centuries ago, thus getting in trouble with everybody constantly, not just with the people whos dirt they shovel, and claim as their own. The real source of the never ending conflict is land-greed, and a refusal to accept boundaries. So yeah, the jews shovel quite a bit of dirt, let me tell you!

219 days ago

Fry Daddy    

I'm not sure why that is offensive. I would say to Jewish people, own it! I would love for someone to tell me that I'm too smart, too good looking or too rich! Unfortunately, that doesn't happen!

219 days ago

She's baaaack    

What's next? Have a truck that travels through Kentucky to watch people muck out horse stalls and the horse shlt can be the star of the week? It would only be one step below this obviously mentally deficient woman and her manager who looks like the offspring of the banjo player from Deliverance.

219 days ago

BB not bb    

Aww don't pick on the nice old hillbilly lady. Leave her alone. She didn't say anything that bad -- she really paid them a big compliment. She is just trying to make sense of her world in her kind of homspun practical down to earth way. I don't think she meant any harm by the comment. I think she has maybe never seen Jews before and is very impressed.

219 days ago

arale norimaki    

Dammm you tosh.0

219 days ago


Honey Boo Boo has aged out and the show is dying so lets got find another southern family and built a show around them showcasing and twisting everything they do and say to make them look like idiots ...Make sure the are fat and ugly or so the viewers can feel so much more superior they they are.....
And we can label it with Hillbilly something just to make sure to sell the stupid inbred part.....

And you want to come on here and scream every day about someone saying the "n" or Jew and screaming about disrespect.......
Well I got new flash for you -- there is another group of people who get more disrespect and "shade " every dam day the both your people by everybody..
and that is Hillbilly's .....the butt of every damn joke or slur or tale.....News flash Harvey and Hollywood and the world we are NOT Inbreed or stupid.....and we are sick and tired of being the joke and ridiculed.....
But one thing we have that you will never have....
We have the grace and "raising " to forgive ...which at this moment I'm having a little trouble with.....
So respectfully shut your yapping mouth !

219 days ago


Harvey!!!!!!!!!! is that right that Jews don't like Manual labour. This question is up you line. This must be part of the Carrot selling time. I think it was Carrots or was it something different. One thing I known the Jew Harvey is good at is the lip. This way he doesn't have to use his hand which is manual labour.

219 days ago


Looking at them I hear banjo music

219 days ago


Naturally if it OFFENDS Harvey Levin who is Jewish and gay, it will be posted on TMZ so he can rant about the injustices to gays and Jews.

219 days ago


Wow! another dumbass makes the headlines.....

219 days ago


Wouldn't what she said actually be considered a compliment? Ignorant sure but her point was based on what she saw in her manager as being very smart. Are we supposed to get offended by compliments now too??

219 days ago


My buddy Stretch Cunningham was Jewish....

219 days ago


More Obama voters.

219 days ago
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