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Macaulay Culkin

Dad Wanted to Patch Things Up Before Stroke

1/23/2014 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Macaulay Culkin's dad desperately wanted to reconnect with his estranged son -- according to sources close to the family -- and even took steps to end their feud ... but now Kit Culkin is fighting for his life and it may be too late.

Sources tell us Kit -- who suffered a massive stroke in Oregon Tuesday -- told family members he wanted to repair his relationship with Mac ... which soured back in the 90s during a nasty custody battle with Macaulay's mom.

We're told Kit was trying to get Macaulay's number --telling family members to pass the word on to his son -- but they never connected.

Macaulay's been traveling with his band lately, and we're told he's out of touch with most of the family -- so, they're just hoping he gets to visit his dad ... before it's too late.


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That's 2 bad, he might not make it

276 days ago


In other words now Mac should feel guilty on top of all the other nonsense involving money.

When you want to fix something, when you really and truly want to FIX something?

... you go to all/any lengths beginning that SECOND.

I've been through something like this so I'm not buying in.

Too little too late ...

-in a way pours salt into Mac's wound.

276 days ago


Well, maybe someone will see TMZ's post and tell MC.

276 days ago


My Dad had a massive stroke last year too. Am not really close to him we just never had that bond, but I still talk to him and he sees me sometimes. I really thought he was going to die and I was sick with worry, but thankfully God he's recovering but very slowly. He told me at the hospital that he was sorry for not being there for me etc and that was nice. I hope Macaulay can sort everything out with his dad, life's too short and he might regret not seeing him. Good luck!

276 days ago

Clyde T.M. Nestra    

That is a long time to be estranged so who is to say if they will ever patch things up. Massive strokes often lead to death, but even if this one doesn't kill him, he is practically guaranteed to have suffered significant neurological damage. That's too bad because he is not terribly old. This family has one helluva history.

276 days ago


ohhhh, and cause of heartless Macaulay, daddy got a stroke finally and now he's flatlining.... so sad!

276 days ago

She's baaaack    

My mother was a real piece of work, one of those people who portrayed herself as a saint in pubic and was satan herself in private. I did what I had to do for her out of duty, certainly not out of love. When she was dying I was with my siblings, who all felt like I did, but we were with her. We were at her funeral listening to people tell us what a wonderful woman she was, and we'd smile and thank them, then just look at each other and shake our heads when no one was looking. We did what we were supposed to do, and nothing more. I don't think about her and I don't miss her, but I have never had one day of regret. That would be on her and I couldn't care less whether she had regret or not because I did just fine without her.

276 days ago

Steven Peacock    

It is no surprise if Macaulay doesn't show up to see Kit before he dies. Macaulay Culkin has been troubled from a young age, making no secret of the fact that his relationship with his parents is strained at best. He has been estranged from his controlling father for years... I'm sure it will be a relief to him when his father dies, as he has been through the wringer with his parents.. I hope they don't try to sucker him into paying for Kit's funeral..

276 days ago


If someone stole MILLIONS of $$ from me, no matter who it was, they would be out of my life forever. I am sorry that Kit had a massive stroke but I believe that you reap what you sow. Money was so important to him at one time, now all he wants to do is reconnect with the person he stole it from. If Mac does not reconnect, it's understandable.

276 days ago


If your kid hates you it's already too dame late. I pray for the day my father dies. ( who hits their chronically ill kid).

276 days ago


Hopefully they both get the chance too.

276 days ago


I really hope he sees his dad. I'm just a stranger, so my opinion would mean diddly squat to Macaulay Culkin.
But, you only get one mum and dad, and I think he'd always regret it if he didn't make up with his dad.

276 days ago

Jay Love    

I totally can relate to Macs feelings, sometimes its better just to cut off and have nothing to do with family whom seem to thrive on negative relationships and are not happy unless they are making others un-happy? the dad totally screwed his kids when they were young and first in the "Biz" the mom as well did her share of living off their goldon geese eggs this was all well do***ented at the time?

276 days ago

Jay Love    

YES, thanks to TMZ and other gossipt shows/sites its all well known and public knowledge that the mom and dad stole huge sums of money, mis-managed their son's finances and pretty much used them as walking ATM's, no doubt why Mac wants nothing to do with the dad as he was totally self serving and a theif from his very own son? I know first hand what its like to have crappy parents and family so I don't blame him a bit?

276 days ago


Family relationships are complicated at best... and some folks do not deserve forgiveness. Mac seems to have had a very difficult adult life so who's to say what or whom he should forgive.

276 days ago
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