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Justin Bieber

Surveillance Captures

Low Speed NON-Drag Race

1/26/2014 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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012614_bieber_driving_miami_launchJustin Bieber's "drag race" through Miami Beach was captured on surveillance video ... and backs up evidence TMZ first uncovered -- there didn't appear to be any high-speed racing going down at all.

In the video ... Bieber is leading in the Lambo, while his buddy Khalil drives BEHIND him in the Ferrari, and an SUV drives along side of both cars.

Single-file driving at reasonable speed ... with an SUV preventing any passing ... would make a race between Bieber and Khalil near impossible.

The video -- obtained by CBS4 in Miami -- also shows police tailing the group for a few blocks.

We broke the story ... the rental place where Justin got the cars had GPS tracking devices on the vehicles -- showing they were both doing 27 mph at the time of the alleged racing


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Completely irrelevant to the charges. Nice try.

207 days ago


Good grief, if this was the reality, what the hell were the cops doing arresting Bieber? This is sad because some regular paycheck guys are going to get burned. And for what? A couple of guys driving fancy cars? Stupid, stupid, stupid. And Miami has so much REAL crime on its streets. Drug wars, etc.

207 days ago


1) This video doesn't show the entire time they were driving, so how does TMZ there wasn't any speeding before or after this clip? 2) Drag racing aside, as he wasn't charged with drag racing, why does TMZ not care that an underage was driving with ANY level of alcohol in his system 3) Why does TMZ not care that he admitted to having prescription drugs NOT prescribed to him in his system? Something's not right about all these story changes.

207 days ago


I'm sorry video evidence is not enough. Obviously the video was edited to make it look like he was not breaking the law when i want it to be true that he did, since my life is a sad sad existence.

207 days ago


Are you all fckin thick, the knob told the cop he was drugged up on weed, still crime he was behind the steering wheel, on drugs

207 days ago


Funny how TMZ is trying to act like this is what they were saying all along. Nice try. Not all of us have a short memory

207 days ago


The cops were going faster than beibs. Give me a break. Cops can be so dirty.

207 days ago


He wasn't charged with drag racing. He was charged with the following: 1) Non Violent Resisting 2) DUI (which includes drugs and is not limited to alcohol) 3) Expired Drivers License The video of his court appearance is all over the internet for anyone to watch and see for themselves what he was charged with.

207 days ago


Tmzero yall liars ya coverage of news is aint worth a bucket of piss..we no that tmzero reported it was drag racing..b4 reporting something try to get the story correct losers.smh

207 days ago


Justin admitted to having beer, smoking weed all day and taking unknown pills supplied by his mama.

207 days ago


I think their intent was to drag race if the reports that his people blocked off the streets are true. The fact that the police were tailing him could be what prevented any real drag racing from happening. Can't arrest him for just wanting to drag race though. Get the little twit for underage drinking though and any establishment that served him too.

207 days ago

Karvey Kardashian    

Isn't the legal limit there .08? If that is true then a .14 is still above the legal limit. Check the BAC charts instead of listening to dumb children justifying this tool! He could have had several drinks with that BAC and it isn't achieved by eating any pasta! Stop with the lying, and stick to the facts or continue to be as big a douche as Justin, LA cops, Miami cops, and tmz. I think someone involved with the story is in the habit of driving drunk or buzzed, so they have to defend douchbags who do the same.

207 days ago


Won't be long before the Pulitzer prize committee comes knocking at your door for your leading-edge journalism.

207 days ago


Driving two miles an hour while drunk, it doesn't matter. Drunk driving is still illegal.

207 days ago


I was starting to think maybe it was true they were not racing, then when I watched the video I was like, wow they were just driving, then when the angle changed I saw the leaves on the bushes. itsn't it weird that they blow in slow motion when beibs goes by but when the single car goes by later they are blowing in the breeze at regular speed. hmmm almost like the video is showing biebs racing in slow motion but why would anyone want to do that??? hmmmmmm

207 days ago
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