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'Duck Dynasty' Stars

State of the Union?

You're Lookin' At It

1/29/2014 3:34 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0129_willie_korie_robertson_state_of_the_union_launchIt was ironic ... one of the couples invited to the coveted State of the Union address last night at the U.S. Capitol was Willie and Korie Robertson -- to bring DIVERSITY to the event!

The "Duck Dynasty" stars were invited by Congressman Vance McAllister -- he's a Republican from Louisiana who won a close race last year, and the Robertsons helped with their endorsement.

Now here's the best part ... McAllister said he invited them to bring "some diversity to our nation's capitol."
Diversity is a tricky subject for the Robertson family ... who apparently thinks gays will burn in hell and homosexuality is a gateway to bestiality. 

We're guessing they didn't ask Jason Collins​ for an autograph ... or vice versa.



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He could've made himself not look like a homeless man at the very least

270 days ago


Boy, the GOP really has a knack for PR...

270 days ago

*_* JUST A FRIEND *_*    

Diversity is a tricky subject for the Robertson family ... who apparently thinks gays will burn and hell and homosexuality is a gateway to bestiality.

I think you meant in hell, not and hell...

Isn't anyone at TMZ in charge of checking the stories for errors before they're posted???

!!! TESTIFY !!!

270 days ago


Stop lying, it was the elder Robertson that made the comments not willie n korie, good job tmz passing judgement on everyone., as a black person(not African American) irespect their God family country.

270 days ago


I meant to sayx I respect their values

270 days ago


TMZ needs a dictionary. Diversity means variety. Something different. You don't think Willie Robertson is just a little bit different from the lemmings that bow down to King Obama in Washington???

270 days ago

It's Me    

It doesn't mean you are not diverse because you don't believe in the gays alternative lifestyle it just means you don't agree and don't want to see it everywhere you turn. The U.S. and the world will be better off if they went back into the closet. You can be gay just keep it to yourself....thanks.

270 days ago


McAllister has made it clear now, why no one should vote for him: he's a pathetic whore with no faith, doing everything for getting el(/r)ectec!

270 days ago

Moe Greene    

So in other words TMZ you're intolerant of anyone who doesn't agree with your far left liberal views.

270 days ago


F--- the Robertson's. F--- their 1960...'s intolerant homophobic mind frame, and F--- their horrible quasi-reality, super scripted show.

270 days ago


Its no surprise a Republican invited them, ridiculous.

270 days ago

mom 4    

What happened to non bias news reporting. This article was poorly written and one sided. The Media and its ethics have gone to hell.

270 days ago


True diversity is just this, the writer of this article is retarded enough to believe diversity means u have to like and accept homosexuals, but isnt that the opposite of diversity?To all think the same.After all he might think those thoughts (sorry this guy thinks the same just afraid to speak up) but have you read the comments from the gay community?equally as intolerant.Has he ever hurt or attacked a,just spoke his opinion. Proving gays take the low road to get attention, would straight people suspend the junkyard wars guy for saying "your missing out cause mens asses are tighter" to me hearing that is the nastiest,classless comment ever, but does he get suspended? No,the gays applauded it, proving the equality reversal, gays dont want equal rights they want SUPERIOR rights. Sicko's

270 days ago


And on the democrat side of the isle two men were having butt sex.

270 days ago


Homosexuals will never convince normal people that one man putting his penis in the anus of another man is normal, so stop trying.

And being disgusted by something doesn't equate to fearing it.

270 days ago
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