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Woody Allen's Daughter

'He Sexually Assaulted Me'

Hollywood Should Stop Praising Him!

2/1/2014 4:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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0201-woody-allen-tmzWoody Allen's daughter claims the director sexually assaulted her as a child ... on multiple occasions  ... and says Hollywood should be ASHAMED of itself for praising him at the Academy Awards.

In an open letter published in the New York Times, Dylan Farrow goes into horrific detail about the alleged abuse suffered at the hands of the man who adopted her.

"When I was seven years old, Woody Allen took me by the hand and led me into a dim, closet-like attic on the second floor of our house. He told me to lay on my stomach and play with my brother’s electric train set. Then he sexually assaulted me."

In the letter, Farrow says Allen's abuse didn't end there:

"I didn’t like it when he would stick his thumb in my mouth. I didn’t like it when I had to get in bed with him under the sheets when he was in his underwear. I didn’t like it when he would place his head in my naked lap and breathe in and breathe out."

Farrow claims she would try to hide from Allen, but he would always find her.

As she got older, Farrow claims the abuse took a huge toll on her mental health -- and she was so messed up, she developed an eating disorder and even cut herself.

0201-woody-allen-Dylan-Farrow-gettyFYI -- back in 1992, Dylan's mother, Mia Farrow,  reportedly accused Allen of sexually assaulting Dylan ... and he was investigated ... but prosecutors decided not to pursue charges because Dylan was too "fragile" to endure a trial.

At the time, Allen denied the allegations ... saying Mia was simply bitter about his affair with Soon-Yi Farrow Previn (another adopted daughter ... who he later married.)

In her letter, Dylan then goes after several Hollywood stars who have praised Allen throughout the years:

"What if it had been your child, Cate Blanchett? Louis CK? Alec Baldwin? What if it had been you, Emma Stone? Or you, Scarlett Johansson? You knew me when I was a little girl, Diane Keaton. Have you forgotten me?"

"Woody Allen is a living testament to the way our society fails the survivors of sexual assault and abuse."

As for Woody ... he refused to comment on the New York Times story -- but has always maintained his innocence.


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Allegedly Frank Marshall Davis was banging Obamas grandmother then banged her daughter who pinned it on a visiting Kenyan, Obama Sr, so as to not hurt her mother.

203 days ago


To those so incredulous as to why he was not prosecuted and why this is coming out now, perhaps you should read the NYT piece and her letter in their entirety to comprehend some things more clearly. It is sad when abuse victims in this country are not believed because it is easier to ignore how vile and disgusting human beings can be to children rather than look at the hard, cold facts of a very ugly situation. To those defending Allen or making foolish jokes, I am positive if it were your child or sister, brother, the sympathy would not be so forthcoming. It's always easier to be dismissive of others when it does not effect you. It also seems if a celebrity and their blind Hollywood cronies say it isn't so that is enough to convince most of you of an actors/directors innocence. There are so many pedophiles in Hollywood from directors to actors. Look at the ones who have been caught. A few big names but many in the industry with less cache than someone with pull like Allen. Do some research folks. Hollywood and it's heavy hitters are not nice people. They cover up the filthiest secrets for each other. Read up on the years of sexual abuse in Hollywood that children and adults have gone through.

203 days ago


So is there anybody out there connect me with legal people that can help me

203 days ago


I need a lawyer in Colorado it's possible that will help me prosecute my brother

203 days ago


That is exactly what I was thinking when I was watching it. How could Diane Keaton praise him, especially so being a woman.

203 days ago


Thank you TMz I can BeVocal. Help me I am a lawyer!

203 days ago


Some of us have been boycotting his films for years. For me, it's been since the very beginning. Woody Allen wouldn't have stayed in the business if the rest of you all were too. Don't just blame hollyweird. We're the paying public who enable him by going to see his movies.

203 days ago

Mr Barcliff    

I cant say anyone is guilty of a crime I have no proof of. That said, the city or state this is said to have happened in needs to investigate it. Woody Allen is a great director, Im a black man who digs his movies and windows into a different view of LIFE! That said, lets not in anyway confuse who people are with there creativity! Talent and career/job has little to do with who were are behind the scenes. There comes a time when fame/$ shouldnt protect us from being investigated like a poor man/woman would be or just a non-famous man would be investigated. If what Dylan Farrow says is true, this is an egregious crime. Some of what was done can by a good lawyer be said to be misinterpreted by the child but, laying on her naked lap and breathing hard isnt subject to being misinterpreted! I hope Woddy didnt commit these acts, not because hes a great movie maker but because i can only imagine how many others have been hurt by him. If again this is true, I HATE ACCUSING PEOPLE OF CROMES BEING I HAVE BEEN AS A BLACK MAN AND WAS INNOCENT, NEVER BEEN TO JAIL AND NEVER BEEN A CRIMINAL! HAving said that, Mr.Allen has gotten into a relationship with his other adopted child, an Asian young woman, whats that about, its suspect to say the least. Woody may have issues with young woman, unlike Michael Jackson,who was outlawed and made a villian for being accused of the same crimes Woody is being accused of, not for the 1st time, Woody has gotten a pass. Its time white America wake up and smell the coffee of truth that there is a double standard in the country based on color and how we attack people based on presumed guilt and actual guilt. This isnt a quesion of a now dead Michael Jacksons guilt, I have no clue what he did or didnt do, that by far isnt my point. My point is, Michael Jackson was put on trial for accusations and powerful people didnt let up on him, the prosecutors and other officials with jurisdiction attacked Michael but, Woody just denies and denies and eventually it goes away. Hes not the first nor the last white American to get away with such an egregious crime if hes guilty simply because he hasnt been investigated. So, a white adopted kid of his, says over and over he molested her and Mia Farrow accuses him and still no investigation? I know I'll be atttacked by many but, if you are human and honest and want justice for yourself if wronged and others you'll agree, something is wrong with fairness based on color. AGAIN, his adopted child and ex wife have accused him, MJ probably had greedy parents trap him and he had to pay guilty or innocent but, he was INVESTIGATED, THOROUGHLY!!!! This woman wont get justice because after blacks being minorities, white woman are after the white man on that totem pole! Sadly but true, justice isnt what this country is about sadly its who has enough $ and power to get rid of the problems and who isnt a minority as well! Sorry Dylan for what you endured if its true, and only you and the family know that truth, I hope you get justice. My statement wasnt about race, it was about unfairness and I used blacks struggles as an example and see you as suffering from unfairness in your own way ad your unfairness is fame and $/ versus the truth! LGNM

203 days ago


The thing about accusing someone of a sexual crime is you tend to believe the accuser and the accused is forever tarnished as a predator. BUT in this case I believe her. Woody Allen is a POS and he should be imprisoned not idolized. I hope someone gets their revenge on him. I hope every victim gets revenge on their abuser.

203 days ago


I never liked the guy or his movies. I believe it.

203 days ago



203 days ago


One of the hardest thing ...

About my own prolonged recovery ...

As I've written Mia -

I was derided as "bitter" the moment my own -

-accusation hit the light of day.

Dozens of insiders lined up against me.

Sent hate mail.

As my perpetrators devised a scheme.

To counter, to deny, and to discredit (me).

If you haven't lived through this procedure?

Experienced it?

Don't rail against Mia and children.

Because you "simply don't believe" such a person(s) could possibly COMMIT the crime/crimes.

My own perps "seemed like" such nice people.

The truth is we don't know anybody.

"As people," wrote Robert Town in Chinatown.

"We're capable of ANYthing..."

A DENIAL and COUNTER ACCUSE has significant consequences for the victim.

The lack of any true remorse =

Significant consequences for the victim.

Lifelong derision/ridicule for Mia and myself?

Significant consequences for the victim(s).

Dylan Farrow turning into a near-cutter behind this?

Completely routine for battered and molested kids as they becoming young adults.


My own outing of perpetrators came many years back.

I'm basically still in recovery, meaning therapy, sobriety tools/groups - anything and everything.

To prevent me from repeating the cycle.

Because what happens in many or most cases.

Is that the victim becomes the perpetrator.

Which was tragically true for two surviving siblings.

They became the-boogey-man/the-boogey-woman.

Their parents will forever be to me and for me.

Dylan and I have faced and are facing the same fact:

Perpetrators Never Acknowledge -

...only one out of ten trillion steps up and forward.

"So you move forward anyway," said the greatest Psychiatrist who's ever lived:

Paula F. Eagle, M.D. in New York City.

We're at-risk, Dylan and I.

For psychiatric disorders such as Dissociation.

Which I'm fully-recovery from at this point, Praise God and Paula.

God Bless the Farrow Family.

For their ordeal/horror these past twenty-or-so-years.

May Dylan have a priceless Life -

As I've now had and am having.

203 days ago


FYI- Dylan is NOT trying to have him prosecuted at this point. The statute of limitations has long passed. She is ONLY trying to tell HER SIDE after years of staying silent on the matter.

203 days ago


Actors, actresses and Hollywood hate Woody Allen? LOL They all love & support these perverts. All these vapid people only hate republicans and conservatives So they can get a job by the even more vapid executives. Perversion is accepted by all of them.

203 days ago

Just Me

203 days ago
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