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Paris Hilton

Wins $50,000 on Blackjack

AFTER $100,000 DJ Gig

2/3/2014 5:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The rich just keep getting richer -- mere hours after Paris Hilton was paid $100,000 to DJ in Atlantic City Saturday night ... she won $50K at the blackjack table.

Paris kicked off her residency at Harrah's "Pool After Dark" with a blowout -- DJ'ing for a sold out crowd -- and sources tell TMZ, she got paid $100,000 for the job.

We're told the party was a blast -- the first of many DJ gigs for Paris at Harrah's -- but the craziest part was when she left the club and hit the blackjack table ... where she increased her night's haul by 50% ... winning another $50,000.

Whoever said life is fair?



No Avatar


Total pr for harrah's. Hope the irs checks in on this next year! Free valtrex for the year Paris!

264 days ago


You idiots... "winnings" huh? You only see cash laid out on the table when you are buying in!!!!!!!! Not cashing out. You take your chips if you won to the cage you friggin morons! TMZ = Epic Fail

264 days ago


Good for her ,she comes from a very giving family 3 ties a year like clock work her family take toys food an cash to the mission down town this had been going on for many many years an no camera crews are called

264 days ago


That blackjack table was rigged for her to win.. but Good for her at least she's not getting wasted or strung out somewhere. But that $$$ win. Bogus

264 days ago


and the rich get richer....

264 days ago


Wow good for her...I know she needed the extra money.... :-/

264 days ago

Eye roll     

What the whatzies? I was in AC sat night at Revel. We won $400 playing slots... I cant believe that. Not fair! But I was playing quarter slots - I guess I need to up my anty...

264 days ago


When the cash is laid on the table like this photo shows, that's just the money the dealer took from the player to buy chips with. They lay it out like that so that surveillance can see that the dealer gives the right amount of chips. Those are not winnings (and btw that is only $2500 on the table). That is what she bought in for, not what she won.

264 days ago


Rich get richer!

264 days ago

Black Adam    

Whats wrong with this world? Who even cares about Paris anymore. And whats with all of these White Girls thinking that they can Rap and be Djays. Would somebody please Piledrive her off of the digital turntables.

264 days ago


Paris proves that it takes no talent to be a DJ. DJ is to a musician as a security guard is to a cop. Wannabes.

264 days ago

King Anton    

Of course she did. Because when she dies, shes walkin up those Cloud Steps with undesrved SWAG :(

264 days ago


That is a buy-in, not winnings. Casinos spread your money out like that for the cameras and record what you buy into the game with. They never pay you winnings at the table in cash. Thats also only $2500. The chances of taking $2500 and turning it into $50,000 playing blackjack are beyond slim even for a perfect basic strategy player which I am sure she isn't. If she won 50k they wouldn't let her spread it on a game table for a photo ever. Lets see a photo of her chips after coloring up or the cash with straps paid from the cage otherwise its all BS.

264 days ago


Of course.

264 days ago

Connor James    

It's all about the hump and bump. Beyond that? Ain't gonna happen here. F'rickin a! How bout it Phil? OOOps, ****in dead , BUT YOUR 3 KIDS LIVE ON. Splain that Nig.

264 days ago
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