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Jamie Foxx

Trayvon Martin 2 Years Later

We Won't Forget

2/9/2014 7:32 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0208-jamie-foxx-trayvon-martin-splashIt's been almost 2 years since Trayvon Martin was killed, and Jamie Foxx made it clear Saturday ... it's still fresh in his mind.

Foxx -- along with members of Trayvon's family -- attended a peace walk in Miami benefiting the foundation Martin's parents founded in their son's name back in 2012.

The 46-year-old actor has been outspoken about the shooting, and his campaign marches on ... Fox will be speaking at a remembrance dinner tonight -- just days after what would have been Martin's 19th birthday.

We're guessing he's happy the Zimmerman fight was 86'd.



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He murdered a young boy. Race should have nothing to do with it. All you negative people leaving comments. Im sure your tune would change if it was YOUR son!!! We all want justice where its due. And we won't forget till that man pays for what he did.

205 days ago


He instigated a situation by overstepping his bounds, leading to a confrontation with a teenager who was subsequently killed by both of their actions. Zimmerman did not know Trayvon, who had a right to be there. Had Zimmerman followed protocol and identified himself, not follow the teen, or the police dispatcher’s advice Trayvon would've been alive today and Zimmerman wouldn't be one of the most hated men in America. Since some of you want to point out unproven but irrelevant things about Trayvon, let me do some for Zimmerman: he’s a molester, abusive boyfriend/husband, vigilante with a hero complex, and kind of ignorant on top of having anger management issues. That is not a hero that is a criminal who got off by a technicality due to a very broad law. Personally I think he should've gotten serious time for his prior assault of a Police, and it's sad that his cousin waited till after the stature of limitations for her molestation to pass but no he was not convicted, but even sadder that the family knew and kept it to themselves. Again laws have technicalities and loopholes and Zimmerman who studied the darn thing knows them well. He should've just let the police handle the situation and leave like he was told, also why a neighborhood watchman was carrying a firearm is beyond me. My dad taught me self-defense if I was in Trayvon’s position I wouldn't feel safe running home because I'd feel trapped knowing that the person may corner me and try to break in. I’d have kept running or turned back too. So confronting someone who is chasing you is not out of the question. And a teenager being unruly on social media is nothing new 95% of teens on twitter are doing it. I know so many guys who talk about going to the getting with girls, beating up guys who are "p*ssies", and smoke pot/do molly 24/7, but in reality all they do is work out then go home to play COD or watch NETFLIX all day. Teens make bad decisions it doesn't make them bad people and it certainly doesn't mean they deserve to die. I drink Ice tea and I eat skittles and starburst all the time does that mean I'm on drugs? Does that make me a thug too, or does the fact that I'm a girl and not black make it okay? Either way a 17 year old boy lost his life, if you really can't see that as sad in any way, then you are a disgusting human being.

205 days ago

News Flash     

Just like Foxx to refresh racial tension. Traycon was a high school drop out, drug addict, difficult child that let it be known...his own Mother kicked him out of the house. His Mother is a good actress, making money off her Sons death. His Dad lied in court and has a thug tattoo. If it weren't for the white man, Jamie Foxx would be still in the hood on welfare.

205 days ago

Pablo Escabar    

If a white kid with a hoodie was walking alone in the middle of the night through Compton and this happened, these celebs wouldn't say a word.

205 days ago

News Flash     

Look what the liberals have turned this country into. Blacks crying because Obama told them to. There is a n Iranian warship in the Atlantic and Jamie Foxx makes headlines with a thug on his chest. Obama has F'd this country up.

205 days ago

News Flash     

Jamie Foxx, RIP to your career. I liked White House Down were a white man had to save you. Just like the white man pays into welfare to save the lazy black man that Jamie Foxx represents.

205 days ago


like mag (poster#5) was saying, where is jamie fox for all those other kids who get shot and killed every single day?
curious how people like him only get all self-righteous when a black kid is killed by a non-black.
sharpton and jackson (career race hustlers) don't give a schit when black kids are killed by other blacks (90% of the time btw) but when a black kid gets killed by a non-black.... oh my goodness, watch out.... it's a war on black males!

205 days ago


When OJ was acquitted for murdering a white woman and man, did the whites behave this way? No, especially not after two years, let it go! We are all still human beings, and deathly violence is deathly violence, it shouldn't matter what the color of your skin is, why is this such a race thing?

205 days ago


Everytime GZ opens his big fat mouth a lie comes out & ignorants defend him! Trayvon was not a thug, NO RECORD , NO HOME INVASION ROBBERY but yet some of you insist he was. Why? GZ has an a record of not 1, 2, or 3 but at least 4 arrests for VIOLENT offenses BEFORE he met Trayvon but his defenders say nothing about that. GZ has lied again & again. He couldn't beat a 17 year old in a situation GZ instigated so he pulls a gun. During trial his MARTIAL ARTS instructor basically said GZ was a wimp. Then with this boxing match GZ said he had boxing experience. ...hmmm, martial arts instructor & boxing experience but needed a gun against a 17 year old with none of those experiences & armed with skittles, ice tea, & a cell phone. Keep making excuses for a killer!

205 days ago


Zimmerman went out to belittle, provoke and murder.

Trayvon had no idea ...

...he'd come upon an armed psychopath.

Who'd recently brushed-up on legal murder.


CAN I legally shoot an unarmed Black Dude."

Zim's now the poster boy for Mutants.

Praise Jamie and the Martin's for non-violence.

205 days ago


Zimmerman has become as loathed a white person.

As there's ever been.

There's no hope for him.

Too far gone.

600 guns in his house.

11,000 rounds of ammunition.

An imaginary War he's fighting.

The epitome of helplessness.


205 days ago


That good Jamie, u should remember that if u are a drug dealing, thieving punk who continually gets kick out of school, that u will have a higher chance of getting ur head blown off.

205 days ago



205 days ago


Do not log onto MTO website. The site will put VIRUSES on your Computer !

205 days ago


Court's adjourned, just like the oj trial. Get over it.

205 days ago
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