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Kim Kardashian

I Agree With Kanye

TMZ's Got Racial Issues

2/18/2014 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian just called TMZ out ... echoing Kanye West's complaint that TMZ goes after him because we're uncomfortable with interracial relationships.

Kim was leaving Barney's New York Tuesday afternoon when we asked her about her fiance's rant over the weekend at a concert, where he lobbed his criticism of TMZ and other media.

Kim proclaimed her blanket support for whatever Kanye says ... but it was clearly targeted at his criticism of TMZ.

Not to brag ... but we criticized Kanye long before he hooked up with Kim, like in 2008 after he attacked a photog at LAX, and after his Taylor Swift fiasco a year later.

BTW ... we've also liked De Niro.


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only time this ugly useless stupid khunt should open up her whore mouth is when someone black dude is about piss in it or dump his load of semen in it.

226 days ago

News Flash     

She agrees with everything kanye says especially her mouthful.

226 days ago


She's too dumb to have her own thoughts!

226 days ago


kim has racial issues - she only bangs black guys

226 days ago


Of course she agrees with her mentally ill boyfriend! She doesn't have a mind of her own, she's
stupid as ****!

226 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

Stupid whore. I hope the day he hauls off and punches her lights out she realizes she let it happen. Of course, with Kim, she'll probably giggle and be excited he's paying attention to her instead of Riccardo.

226 days ago


She bangs black guys cause she's trash like all of them white whiggers!

226 days ago


Kim Kardashian & Kanye West hate white people.

They beat up white people and claim they are racists.

TMZ did not hide the fact West ticket sales are at a loss for the promoters.

226 days ago


dear god ... let her get a horrific case of facial warts..and let kanyes plane have "issues"

226 days ago


Yeah it's all about race and nothing to do with Kanye being a narcissistic *******.

226 days ago


Hey TMZ, here's an idea...stop reporting on Kim and Kanye! If these 2 idiots have issues with you, drop them. We won't miss them...I promise!

226 days ago


How much more work is this woman going to have done on her face. For cripe sakes, I wonder sometimes if Kanye isn't trying to change her up completely. He's loving the mouth exercise but he doesn't seem to be too happy with the face. He supposedly was in love with her a few years ago before she hooked up and married Kris H. She doesn't look like that same woman. I can understand Kanye wanting her to get more lip fillers, what man doesn't want more cushion for pleasure. One of these days she's going to go in for work on that face and something bad is going to happen. Leave it the hell alone already....

226 days ago

Bev D    

Both these a$$holes are soooo ignorant. When are they gonna go away?????

226 days ago


TMZ can take care of their rants by not reporting on any of them. No one would miss them. I know I wouldn't. I don't like seeing them nor reading about them. Usually I just pass over any stories about them.

226 days ago


stop covering her and her family. she will crawl back

226 days ago
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