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Confessed Craigslist Killer


Even For Church of Satan

2/19/2014 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Confessed serial killer Miranda Barbour is giving Satan a bad name  -- so says the high priest for the Church of Satan who says she's just too wicked. 

TMZ broke the story ... Barbour confessed to committing between 22 and 100 murders ... saying she was compelled to kill by the devil after joining a cult in Alaska.

High Priest Peter H. Gilmore tells TMZ ... the official Church of Satan has never had any involvement with Barbour ... and would NEVER accept her as a member.

Gilmore tells TMZ ... true Satanists don't believe in murder (not even sacrifices) ... and if Barbour is truly a killer she should get the death penalty. 

Gilmore says his church is not a cult but a legally recognized atheist organization ... adding Barbour is simply using Satan as justification for her crimes.

In other words, the devil DIDN'T make her do it.


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Um considering that there are crazy people who drink goat blood and worship Lucifer I have to say that these guys aren't Satanists. The name of this group is very misleading. You can't be an atheist and called yourself a Satanist.

245 days ago


They're Satanist so of course they are going to lie to the public and say they don't worship the devil.

245 days ago


TMZ nice going, making a murderer and the church of Satan guy celebrities.
Right up there with all your porn, racism, and instigation.
If you wonder why I would come here, well sometimes posters are funny, and sometimes a counter voice is needed.
Shock sells, but show some social responsibility TMZ.

245 days ago


Satanists DO NOT WORSHIP THE DEVIL...they dont even believe in thr people commenting need to educate yourselves on religions

245 days ago


Um I know actual Satanist, unfortunate, they do worship the devil. The issue is that you have groups like this who call themselves Satanists as an Anti-religion group, and people we call cults who literally worship the devil. The "bible" of Satanism (the cult) devotes itself to the seven prince of hell and is a messed up thing to read. To deny their existence or say that the people who literally worship Satan are fake Satanists is literally the dumbest thing one can say.

245 days ago


....I thought atheists didn't believe in Any gods or even satan.... So how could you be listed at an atheist organization...if you're not an atheist?? Comfused ovahea......

245 days ago


"Confessed serial killer Miranda Barbour is giving Satan a bad name  -- so says the high priest for the Church of Satan who says she's just too wicked."

Typical TMZ sensationalist spin.  I seriously doubt HP Gilmore said any such thing. In fact, this is exactly what HP Gilmore has to say on the matter:

Many of TMZ's readers would do well to read the Church of Satan FAQ ( as they seem to have no clue what Satanism is.

244 days ago


Evil is evil their is no lesser of two evils. I don't believe a thing that the guy from a church of satan has to say and I am not sure I believe the craigslist killer either. They are sick people who like to play sick games. Sorry pal but nobody is going to look at a church of satan as something that is good. The world would be a better place without you that is factual.

244 days ago


I used to be creeped out by Satanism, but then I had a friend that was a Satanist and he explained to me that one of the major rules is to not do any harm to others or yourself. He said true Satanists don't drink or smoke either. Satanists believe in God, they just believe that the roles of Satan and God have been reversed over the years. People use the whole Satanism scare tactics to take advantage of ignorance on the subject. Now, if she said she was part of a cult, that is a whole different subject. Cults are insane.

244 days ago


How can Satanists be Atheists? You can't believe in Satan without believing in God, no matter which side you align yourself with.

244 days ago


Don't give Alaska a bad name hooker!! She needs to be put down.

244 days ago


Can we please respect the idea of Satanism? Think about it, it's just another religion like Christianity or Islam or Judaism or Hinduism etc. Let them believe what they want and you believe what you want. I don't see the big deal here. Religious tolerance people. Religious tolerance.

244 days ago


I looked up the general aspects of Satanism and while I am no expert, it's not this demonic cult most people think it is. From what I gathered, it's more about pleasing yourself, I never saw anyrhing like, "Kill everyone you see," or "Burn churches." It's just different.

244 days ago


I don't oppose the death penalty but I do find it heinously ironic how badly the high priest of Satan has contradicted himself. "... true Satanists don't believe in murder (not even sacrifices) ... and if Barbour is truly a killer she should get the death penalty. " So, you don't believe in murder but you want to see Barbour murdered for her crimes.. I guess we normals just going about our day to day lives without any religious brainwash will never understand the logic of religion. Incidentally more likely than not, the only reason he denies any involvement with Barbour is purely political.

244 days ago


If the devil didnt, who did

244 days ago
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