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Confessed Craigslist Killer


Even For Church of Satan

2/19/2014 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Confessed serial killer Miranda Barbour is giving Satan a bad name  -- so says the high priest for the Church of Satan who says she's just too wicked. 

TMZ broke the story ... Barbour confessed to committing between 22 and 100 murders ... saying she was compelled to kill by the devil after joining a cult in Alaska.

High Priest Peter H. Gilmore tells TMZ ... the official Church of Satan has never had any involvement with Barbour ... and would NEVER accept her as a member.

Gilmore tells TMZ ... true Satanists don't believe in murder (not even sacrifices) ... and if Barbour is truly a killer she should get the death penalty. 

Gilmore says his church is not a cult but a legally recognized atheist organization ... adding Barbour is simply using Satan as justification for her crimes.

In other words, the devil DIDN'T make her do it.


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Evil Bill    

Despite popular belief, the Church of Satan does not believe in the Devil or God and therefor do not worship the Devil. It is an atheist group. The rituals performed by the Church of Satan were actually intended to mock the rituals performed by the Catholic Church and if anything it is actually an anti-religion. All of this information can be looked up and confirmed on the very internet you're using right now.

214 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

yeah, exactly... 666 sibling porn is by far less evil than this chick slicing people's throats, huh? funny how sly such a piece of human waste gunk is, to so 'satanistly' come to tmz and declare his aversion for a satanist murderer. it's so slick, it's almost adorable isn't it? happy 666 to you to.

214 days ago


satanist and Christians can be evil,.Jeffery dahmer claimed Christianity as his chosen faith but ate people as a hobby so who cares what label they give themselves. Evil comes from them and who they are at the core, having no empathy and being a complete sociopath is what i describe as evil. PEOPLE ae responsible for what they do lets not give credit to invisible forces that may or may not be there. We have free will we do have choices, some people suffer from mental illness which causes them to do things they wouldn't normally do but when they are medicated or realise what they did they have remorse but psychopaths lack that and she seems to be one of those Gems, they are becoming more and more common sadly.

214 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

you think you're all almighty and wise? mr big satanist? how many missing children and family members have been slaughtered by satanists, and you come to some entertainment website to laugh it off. wow. very impressive. you enjoy murdering people? you love seeing other people suffer, for having lost someone they loved to a sick vicious serial murderer cult that has the least bit of concern for the life of others like yours? that make you feel like a real person, like a real human, all powerful? well then good for you. gooooooood fooorr youuuu. make yourself sooo happy. dumb cnt.

214 days ago


If they are not FOR KILLING then they are not true satanists. Satan is ALL ABOUT KILLING!! There is not such thing as TOO EVIL for satan, he IS EVIL!!!!

214 days ago


How can you be a church of Satan and then call yourself an atheist? Atheists are NOT satanic. Atheists don't believe in any deity.

214 days ago


I'm catholic but I'm very open. I like learning so I've watched many do***entaries and read a lot of books. I've watched maybe three do***entaries relating to Satanism. A lot of them don't believe in sacrifices or murder, (I'm doing this from memory so I could be wrong) There are two main types of Satanism, theistic and Atheistic Satanism, so u can be an atheist while satanist. Alot of them seem to simply worship the devil but don't commit or encourage evil.

214 days ago

Alisha blingram    

So Atheist go to church? thats weird i thought don't believe in anything not even the devil? Im totally confused by this high priest that has a church and clams to worship the Devil but is a Atheist?

214 days ago


LaVeyan Satanism does not believe in evil.

The writer of the article obviously either is trying to sensationalize or didn't bother doing research. It's not that anything is "too evil" for Satanism. Satanism simply doesn't believe in evil. We're all just animals, and right and wrong are subjective.

What he's saying is that Satanism doesn't condone murder. And he's right; LaVeyan Satanists don't even sacrifice animals. ""When walking in open territory, bother no one. "" -Satanic Rule of the earth #11

214 days ago


One good thing about this article is that it illustrates in the comments how ignorant and small-minded folks are.

Why is it called Satanism if they're atheist? There's a good reason. Actually a few. Look them up.

214 days ago


He's right. Responsibility to the responsible; if you break the law, Satanism is no defence.

213 days ago
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