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Obama is a Dictator Who Uses Miley & Kanye

To Destroy America

2/19/2014 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Korn frontman Jonathan Davis is unleashing the mother of all conspiracy theories -- President Obama's secret agenda to become a tyrannical dictator with Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and Kanye West's assistance!

We asked Davis about his band's new "Spike in My Veins" music video -- which is filled with clips of Miley and other pop culture phenoms -- and suddenly it was all aboard the crazy train.

You gotta see it ... right in the middle of LAX, Davis spewed a theory about Obama using celeb scandals as a “distraction” ... while he screws us out of our freedoms.

Por ejemplo ... JD claims Miley's VMA twerkfest was really a smoke screen for something way more nefarious. Nuts, right?

Consider this: Obama signed a law allowing the government to hold citizens indefinitely without trial ... back in January 2012 ... when the big celeb news was Miley and a penis cake.


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Research MK Ultra for a few months, then tell me who's crazy. Hint: It's not this guy.

214 days ago


Research the CIA's MK Ultra, then you can talk about who's crazy. Hint: it's not this guy.

214 days ago


I'd vote for Obama again in a heartbeat. Why? Because anything on the other side is BATISHT CRAZY. Easy choice.

214 days ago

Gus Calvo    

Is he being serious or just desperate for fame.?

214 days ago

tricksie is this even possible?? did miley or her dad or anyone who even listens to her music even vote for barack? ?? I really dont think so..

214 days ago


Um...I don't know where all of you have been, but Korn is still relevant. They had like 4 hit singles in the past year. Let me guess, you guys all listen to Miley and Kanye, then? AND, I agree with him. If you guys would open up and book and read about government distraction programs, you wouldn't be dissing him.

214 days ago


Please...Obama did sign the NDAA...but those rights were jacked by Bush back in the early 2000s, when Korn was making stupid noise to cover it up...that's when the rights were actually taken. He was probably pilled up doing some cool Numetal vocal scat.

214 days ago


wow, tzm is so stupid. its so obvious obama does work for elites who have a global domination agenda.

214 days ago


And according to many people, Korn's music is inspired by the mind-controlling illumanati... Is that true - No! Does Obama have anything to do with people who twirk on stage? - NO! People themselves are responsible for what they do. People, including the artists I love, have gotten lost in the quagmire... I spend more time depending people from these conspiracies... The world has seemed to have lost its mind.

214 days ago

bex street    

Speaking the truth, only a handful of people are doing that, go JD! Bat**** crazy my arse! Awesome as **** and not a sheep more like

214 days ago


Love Korn even more now. Wake up America

214 days ago

Ziggy Grover    

This just in...
1. You are just stupid.
2. You don't get the joke.
3. You should just walk away.

214 days ago


He's right. Oh look, Justin Bieber is acting like a *gasps* teenager w/ loads of money... and it's on EVERY SINGLE GD news outlet.
Oh look, Miley is acting like a horny hooch again! NEWS EVERYWHERE. Yet where it the news about the events that actually matter??

214 days ago


Crazy? Not really. Obama has destroyed this country... Only thing you can count on is it getting worse.

214 days ago

marvin nubwaxer    

this nobody is just another raving racist who needs attention and if it requires revelation of his own nastiness then he has done a fine job on himself.

214 days ago
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