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Michael B. Jordan

Screw Critics, Fans Will

Love My Black Human Torch

2/21/2014 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael B. Jordan has a message for all the hating comic book fans who say a BLACK man can't play the extremely WHITE Human Torch -- CHILL OUT!

Jordan just got the the role of Johnny Storm in the upcoming Fantastic Four remake -- even though in comics, the character's always been blonde-haired, blue-eyed ... and has a white sister Sue Storm (Kate Mara got that role).

Last night at Chi Lin in WeHo ... we asked MBJ what he would say to critics who said things like: "Don't cast a black guy to play a white super hero. It's just not right!" ... and "no no no no no no and nooooooo!!!"

Check out Michael's answer. One thing's for sure ... Black Torch has way more swagger.


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Obamais still aracist    

wont watch the racist stupidity for the sake of pc

244 days ago


I don't see why they couldn't just leave the movie alone. You know the saying, "If it isn't broke don't fix it!" The casting is just completely wrong. They just don't look like the right people to be portraying superheroes!

244 days ago


don't care what color anyone on there is, I won't see the movie because the first couple on movies sucked. I'd rather watch six hours of Blade movies tthan five minutes of Fantstic Four. Blade, ow that was a role only a black man could play. I wouldn't put a white man in that role Just wouldn't fly.

244 days ago


Seriously, get over this whole black vs white thing. Who cares, it's a comic book character, even in the comics, throughout time, characters have changed race. As long as he is not acting like a black stereotype then he is just an actor playing a role.

244 days ago


He is no Wesley Snipes but he does look like a struck match. I think he can pull of being a "human torch."

244 days ago


I did not watch jug-eared Will Smith ruin "Wild Wild West" by playing James West. It was stupid. The same goes for this travesty.

244 days ago


it doesnt matter fan like it or not. If u get people an idea of this movie is disrespecting Stan Lee and the Comic Book. No one is going to watch the god damn movie. and you'll not make any money!!!

244 days ago


People are mad because his SISTER Sue Storm is being played by a WHITE GIRL. Does anyone read the comments?? no one is hating on him otherwise... I think he would be an awesome human torch you just need to think of the story line here!!

244 days ago


244 days ago


People are mad because Sue Storm HIS SISTER is being played by a white girl. Does anyone read comics anymore?? I think he is trying to make it sound like people are hating on him because he is black that's not the case. Read the story people.

244 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

I don't want to minimize comic book enthusists feelings on this issue, but Hollywood often changes the race of characters adapted from books and history and the movies still do just fine. I'd say suck it up until the movie comes out. If Michael sucks in the role then you can let him have it. Fair?

244 days ago


Um I'm all for racial equality but things are getting out of control. Every remake now has to make someone either a different, race, gender or sexuality. But stories with great characters who should e in movies are never made. There are plenty of Black superheros who need a movie that would be way better than redoing the previously failed Fantastic 4. Just like there are plenty of female superheros who deserve a movie instead of the Fantastic 4. Hopefully Johnny is still Sue's brother, at least MBJ is hot and a good actor.

244 days ago


I think they could make an Aquaman movie now, and they could make him gay. It's the only way an Aquaman movie could work

244 days ago


This vote shows how racist the American mentality and media can still be. The fact that people think that a FICTIONAL character shouldn't be played by a black person is utterly ridiculous and small minded.

244 days ago


White people have been doing black roles forever so stop whining

244 days ago
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