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Paula Deen

I'm Just Like That Gay Black Football Player

2/27/2014 11:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paula Deen has an odd way of proving she's not a racist -- she just dropped a metaphor ... comparing her n-word scandal to "that black football player who recently came out" ... aka NFL prospect Michael Sam.

Deen says she and Sam are in a similar struggle for acceptance ... because she feels like "embattled" or "disgraced" will always follow her name. 

She told People magazine ... Sam wants to be known as a football player, not a gay football player -- and to drive home her point, she added, "I know exactly what he's saying."

Okay ... the obvious issues: What does Sam's race have to do with anything? And does she really want to compare her use of a racial slur to someone being gay?

Critics have been ripping Paula with comments like, "Maybe Michael Sam could compare himself to "that white, fat, redneck TV chef who used the n-word."

So we gotta ask ...

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It was 28 years ago.
I think she learned her lesson 27 years ago.

203 days ago


Difficult to fault her when YouTube has videos of African-Americans calling each other "nlgger" in between every 3 words.

203 days ago


Everything about this being a "story" is ridiculous. You condemn her for being a racist because she said "black" yet your so-called critics use the word "white". Explain the difference. You state "What does sam's race have to do with anything?" and in the following paragraph state her race in a derogatory way. Aren't we looking for equality?? Pardon my French, but seriously go **** yourselves. In the nicest, gay-friendly, anti-judgemental, non-racist, equality-focused way possible. But of course with subtle undertones of all-of-the-above.

203 days ago


This story is FAKE TMZ is grasping for anything...time to delete!!

203 days ago


@jeem, You're no different that that fat white trashy bitch. Die both of you. Next PS And to think you would consider her retarded commnet as preaching just show's how ****ed up ****s like you two are. Thank god it's just you're racist opinions. One has to get a laugh out of both over you all's comments.

203 days ago


Stick to real news. What's wrong with what she said? It's okay for Obama to say young Black or Latino/Hispanic men? Get a life! Stop pulling the race card for everything.

202 days ago


I'm not going to be surprised if the news comes on and Paula Deen has been shot. She's a disgusting racist piece of filth. She hasn't learned her lesson I bet she has a bunch of black babies chained up in his basement.

202 days ago


Why can't you guys leave this poor lady alone and I dare anybody in the south that has never said the n word and if you do your a liar

202 days ago


I asked my son his opinion who is gay, whom has lost half of his family, shunned by the community, and has moved across the country to a place where he is accepted more, what he thought. His reply was relax I've heard much much worse and those celebrities are not harassed as bad as this old lady is. He said he feels she is trying and what more can you ask for. Luv my Boy.

202 days ago


At her last gathering when some people started to walk out, she said something like, "Wait, where you folks goin? I guess I better not tell my favorite joke. It's about a boy!", as she took a swig of tequila and cackled to her sons standing nearby on stage.

What the hell does THAT mean?

202 days ago


What a joke. I've had it with all this Paula Deen "racism" nonsense. There is a clear double standard in society when someone of the opposite race mentions the other's race. Don't you see that getting so bent out of shape about her referring to him as "black" only perpetuates racism? You can say someone's black as mere fact, without it being racist, just as you can call a Caucasian person white. Racism has a lot more to do with the treatment of people and intent of words used, rather than the simple words, themselves. If you really want an end to racism you're going to have to stop getting angry every time someone calls an "African American" black, because as far as I'm concerned, "black" is an adjective and not a racial slur.

202 days ago


Paula's gonna pull an O.J..... dig her own grave eventually (because she can't help herself), only it'll be on a smaller scale than the old murderer.

Then, of course, she'll compare herself to having been persecuted unfairly by the public... just like O.J. *lol*

201 days ago


You have to wonder how someone gets this oblivious. And at the same time that Michael Dunn, who killed an unarmed black teenager, compares himself to a rape victim: http://ow.ly/u8K1R

201 days ago


For those of you without a clue, here's one: Paula isn't racist because she "hates blacks". No one said she does. She's racist because she feel superior to them.

201 days ago


This woman is a racist, hasn't learned anything and should remain in the hole that she's in.

200 days ago
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