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Kim Kardashian

Holy Crap! He Really Said

'N****rs in Vienna'

2/28/2014 11:53 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

022814_kim_k_vienna_launch Wow.  Kim Kardashian wasn't BSing when she said some dude at the Vienna Opera Ball said he wanted to dance to "N****rs in Vienna."

TMZ broke the story ... Kim went insane when the dude dropped the N bomb -- with an "R."  She stormed out of the ball ... a function for which she was paid $500K by some rich Austrian guy.

The guy apparently thought he was being funny, but you clearly see Kim is not amused.

He's both palatial and racial.


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He wants people of races to buy his albums and go to his concerts but not sing the song..since when did Kim k become al sharpton!!!

238 days ago


Racism isn't as big in other countries as it is in the US obviously... I have a few Austrian acquaintances, and the 'N word' isn't, as far as I have been informed, a derogatory word. Of the handful of Austrians I have met, they find the word funny, and not racist, black people in their country aren't commonly referred to as that. This guy was perhaps taken out of context, due to his non-american ideal of humor. Probably pretty embarrassing for this guy, though I don't think he really meant anything harmful.

238 days ago


she just wanted to blow the joint
and used the whole thing as an excuse
she needed to get to Kanye and
smooth his ruffled feathers
You know, after the Game came out with his recent blow by blow account about banging Kum
must be hard Kanye finding out that so many of your friends have had oral conception with her

238 days ago

Larry Hennig    

just in case you wanna say thanks to the guy.

238 days ago


Wah, wah, wah, big fat babies, both of them.

238 days ago


Too bad they don't even know how different things would have been for them . All they needed to do is shut up & stop acting like they're Gods gift.

238 days ago


It may be the name of kanye's song, but that guy just pulled a Paula Deen lol

238 days ago


Hes a german comedian, and hes known for his weird humour. The dude who invited her is a multimillionair in AUSTRIA and hes AUSTRIAN, just hope these idiots didnt put AUSTRIA in a bad spotlight now...

238 days ago


Thats a german comedian, hes known for his weird humour anyways, so dont take it too serious. The guy who invited her to the Ball is a AUSTRIAN millionaire, hope that the idiots didnt put AUSTRIA in a bad spotlight now...

238 days ago


That's Austrian humor. BTW Kum K. got 250k EURO = $345K from an Austrian building tycoon, racist offenses and boob squeezing included!

238 days ago


chill your base down ! it was only a joke

238 days ago


That is Oliver Pocher, a German comedian. He just tries to be funny, but I think his crappy English got in the way. Embarrassing

238 days ago


Coming from a family of whores that bang pro athletes and un-talented rappers.. coming from the sl*t that made a sex tape with a D- rapper. Has a man women for a step dad. Walks out of a 500k deal because a british dude basically said what we all think kanye is. Did this whore still get paid? Ill be pissed to hear that. Seriously disgusted.

237 days ago


He's both palatial and racial, NO HE'S NOT , he was just joking. Why isnt she shocked when Kanye rap that word in front of her? She just using this and that black face thing as a excuse to play the victim . Im black and im not offended at all by all this.

237 days ago


If this word is so bad we need to remove it from any movies, songs, and stop allowing comedians using it in their shows, enough is enough for some reason its only terrible when a white person says it. If I call you a name it shouldn't matter if I'm black or white if the name is offensive. This is a woman who doesn't mind the man she is about to get married to and the father of her child sing about oral sex with her. I guess now everyone will have to check in with these people to make sure we are behaving up to their standards what a mess the world would be in if we all behaved like them.

237 days ago
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