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She Doesn't Own Oscar Pic ...

Guess Who Does

3/4/2014 6:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ellen DeGeneres
does NOT own the picture that broke Twitter ... unless he signed his rights away, the owner of the famous Oscar pic is BRADLEY COOPER.

Here's the way it works ... the person who owns the now-famous photo is the person who actually took it ... NOT the person who owns the camera or organized the shoot. 

Cooper was the snapper ... so it's his.

And even if Ellen signed her rights over to the Academy when she signed her hosting gig, the Academy would have no rights to the photo, because Ellen can't transfer what isn't hers.

So unless Bradley signed his rights away to the Academy, he's the copyright owner.  Any use of the pic without his permission is a violation of the copyright.

He seemed down with tweeting it out, so Ellen is cool.  But any use of the pic on TV shows -- including hers -- would only be kosher with Bradley's blessing.  And he'd own the rights to any reproduction.

It all translates into cash.  It could come in handy if that "Hangover" money runs out.



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It was all a marketing scam by Samsung or whatever phone that was, you've all been manipulated

233 days ago


Fish Breath Ellen was a horrible host

233 days ago

Champagne Jayne    

Bad, bad photo of them all. Maybe Depends needs a new photo on their diaper packaging. Pardon me it's Depend Vince McMahan just corrected me.

233 days ago


The original plan was for Meryl to be the one to take the picture. They figured at best it would be Meryl, Ellen & maybe Julia. Suddenly, as we saw, it became a much larger affair than they had blocked for in rehearsal.

233 days ago


Much ado about nothing. What a waste of time.

233 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

so if i'm a tourist somewhere and ask someone to take a picture of me with "my" camera, they own the picture. you sure do learn something new every day. or if someone pranks me and takes pictures on my camera, they own them. good to know. i don't really know or care much about the picture, but ... whose camera or phone/tablet was it anyways? was it just random in the hands of cooper, and could it have been in anyone's hands? strange debate emerging over the rights and ownership of a picture.

233 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

i meant to say *iconic* selfie...

233 days ago

Max Smart    

So that means TMZ owes Bradley Cooper some money. Time to pay up!

233 days ago


I don't think your copyright statement is correct. The owner of the camera owns the photo. It would be absurd to think a stranger who takes a photo for you using your camera owns the right to that photo then!

"For digital photography, the author is the owner of the digital camera with the CCD or CMOS chip built in to it. Since the built-in chip is the equivalent of the “initial plate”, the author here is really the person who owns the digital camera and not the person who owns the digital memory card or flash drive."

233 days ago


This makes me feel better cause I've taken a lot of naked pictures of my girlfriends. I'm the snapper of their snapper.

233 days ago


So if he owns it, why do you have the rights captioned as "Twitter" instead of "Bradley Cooper"?

233 days ago


Thanks for clearing that up. Now I can sleep.

233 days ago


Srsly. I know tmz can be amusing...sometimes. But reading bored or stoned do you have to be? That was the biggest waste ever, besides maybe creating an account with tmz to post this comment. Biiiiie.

233 days ago


Aww Angelina looks so desperate, like I'm still here! Lol time for brad to clean out the garbage.

233 days ago


It's like Sgt Pepper album cover, only without people of substance.

233 days ago
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