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Michael Jackson

MJ's Dental Mold


3/7/2014 12:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The man behind the Michael Jackson DNA test initially went to an L.A. lab ... and TMZ has learned the lab results showed NO DNA on Michael Jackson's dental mold.

A manager at DNA Truth 4 U lab tells TMZ ... last month Alki David's people took the dental mold to the lab, along with a water bottle, a black towel and cigarette butts to test them.  Alki's people told the lab the other items contained the DNA from Jermaine and Tito.

The lab report -- obtained by TMZ -- shows the dental mold document titled "Alleged Father."  The other items were all titled "Alleged Uncle."

The lab report shows NO DNA was recovered from the 31-year-old dental mold, so the test could not be performed.   The only one that had any DNA was the black towel -- and it showed NO relation to B Howard.   Translation -- B Howard is NOT related to ANY Jackson.

A source connected to Alki David tells TMZ ... Alki didn't trust the lab and that's why he says they went to a DNA lab in Ireland. 

Alki says the Ireland lab recovered DNA from the mold and then determined there was a DNA match with B Howard.


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Why do I get the feeling Jermaine is behind all of this. He's the dad, and he worked a deal with the kid to grab that dough from the estate.

232 days ago


The only place they'll find MJ's DNA is
inside the bungholes of pre-pubescent boys!

232 days ago


It's fairly easy to conclude that they gave the name of the DNA lab a fake generic name so that it couldn't be traced. I don't know why TMZ would search for a lab named "DNA LAB" ... when its so obvious that name is to protect the actual name of the lab. Idiots.

Who researches this ****? Hire better staff, TMZ.

Lets get someone from the family. Come on.

232 days ago


Either someone somewhere wants Michael's money so bad and is devising methods to get their hands on it or one of the Jackson's is the father but it isn't michael.
As for the stupid mother.. Why keep your son in darkness on who his father is for 31 years? Unless of course you don't know either.

232 days ago

mj fan forever    

NO surprise David didn't trust the L.A. lab as it did NOT support the BOGUS story that he publicized on tv!!! The REAL result are from the L.A. lab and NOT from the "his" so-called lab in Ireland. They just would want to push this BS through the media hoping most probably to go to court and even putting their hands on Michael Jackson's money which is NOT going to happen for sure!!! Bunch of money-grabbers anything for money!!!

232 days ago


The more evidence they post against the guy's DNA results the dumber TMZ looks for falling for his lie and giving these people their 15 minutes. Everyone knew from the beginning that the results were gonna be bogus because neither a hospital nor court was doing it. Must other media sources were skeptical and laughed it off. So sad that you guys have been take for a ride, not really, but get over it. And Harvey better not fire anyone for his being gullibility.

232 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

TMZ is milking the life out of this fake story they created with their partner Alki David.

232 days ago


Just have a Jackson family member give DNA if you want to prove the stupid kid is from the same family yeeesh

232 days ago


Slime reporting slime reporting slime reporting fantasy.

232 days ago


Desperate attempts for attention all because MJ might have layed up with his momma. Truth is your momma's a hoe and she don't who your pappy is.

232 days ago


But you were stupid enough to fall for it.

232 days ago


Is Alki drunk? The Jackson's don't smoke so why have cig butts tested? Every person has their own unique DNA including those within the same family.

Alki's has made a mockery of Brandon, Miki Howard and Augie Howard. Hopefully they will sue him.

232 days ago


Who in their right minds would trust/use/take seriously any lab that can't spell "For" and "You"? Or who thinks a cutesie name is even appropriate for such a serious enterprise?

232 days ago


Why just use one of Jacko's spare noses?

232 days ago


I thought that dental mold was a suspect source, for retrieving DNA. That said, while the manner in which this Alki guy went about this paternity fraud is disgusting,

B. Howard could still be Michael's son, though. He has his features, and talks like him, and has his little mannerisms in speech and in his singing. I hope he eventually does a test with a reliable source of DNA (without "chain of custody" issues), just because I (I'll admit, selfishly) am dying to know if it's true, or if he's a Jackson through another male in that family.

232 days ago
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