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Bindi Irwin

Handler Whales on Photog

For Asking About SeaWorld

3/8/2014 12:33 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bindi Irwin -- the newly-minted spokesperson/tool for SeaWorld ... will gladly talk about Australian mammals, but dare to even dance around the subject of whales and you'll get shut down.

Bindi and her mom were cruising through Rockefeller Plaza in NYC when our photog asked the 15-year-old about her favorite animal.  She was all chatty until our guy switched gears and asked her if she was an animal expert ... and that's all she wrote.

The handler swooped in and shut things down, because it was clearly headed in a "Blackfish" direction.

Shame on SeaWorld ... it's so transparent -- hiding behind a teenager to do their dirty work.


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News Flash     

Same as a Rodeo, take your kids to watch animals choke to death. I saw Bindi on GMA what a talker...does she even fathom how cruel her Dad really was?

195 days ago

News Flash     

Terry Irwin has to keep that money rolling in.

195 days ago

blah blah blah    

Seaworld definitely has a dark history in regard to their handling of the killer whales according to what I saw in Blackfish. However, if you do your research, Seaworld has also done a lot of good work to help conserve marine life. I hate that they keep killer whales, dolphins, and porpoises with the IQs of 7 year olds in pitiful tanks. But Seaworld has also educated the public and encouraged funding against oceanic pollutions/over-fishing etc.

195 days ago


It sounded more like TMZ were Cowards and Afraid to Attack with the Tough SeaWorld Questions out of the Gate!!!!!!!!!

195 days ago

Retail Queen    

I am planning a trip this weekend to San Antonio to Sea World with my boys. Very excited as my military pals have buddy passes and well get in for free. I plan on enjoying my stay and if I see a protester ill tell him to stick his sign up his as$.

195 days ago

Pillsbury Pancakes    

Kids in the USA, Australia and Europe use thousands of times more resources than kids in Africa. Where does Bindi preach birth control? Africa! Now she's the spokesperson for a company that systematically kidnaps, tortures and keeps in captivity animals that are as smart and sentient as we are. Pathetic, she needs at least 10 more years of growing up, meantime I hope her and her mom get stung by stingrays in the chest.

195 days ago


Well there goes any respect I had for the Irwin family...
****ing Corporate Shills...

195 days ago


Shame on sea world and shame on tmz! How many racists articles has tmz posted having the writer of the article take sides in the story he's of she is writing about.

195 days ago


And shame on the producers of Blackfish for carefully editing the footage deceptively (and potentially illegally) obtained to make SeaWorld look satanic all for the purpose of making the Blackfish producers filthy stinking rich.
If there wasn't money to be made by insulting SeaWorld and making SeaWorld look like Satan's spawn, the film never would have been made.

195 days ago


Publish her home address so PETA can protest in her front yard. People Eating Tasty Animals love this kind of stuff.

195 days ago


The ENTIRE Steve Irwin family is dumb as a bag of rocks.

195 days ago


Glad they're happy and having a good day, while the orcas at sea world are bumping their noses against their small tanks, and going hungry if they didn't perform their tricks properly! My sense is, that Mom is not too bright, and Bindi lives in a rainbow!

195 days ago

Duke Steele    

Mmmm..whales. Tasty.

195 days ago


Have you seen how democrat/libs/Progressives abuse and use school children for every agenda they profess ? Seriously fool.
Blackfish is a phony agenda driven do***entary that's that's going to bite these animal wackos like a shark. The people know this is a fraud and are already beating this garbage down.

195 days ago


seaworld is just the same as Australia zoo. they treat animal like a freak show. for those who never been you are luck it not worth it . you are force to watch a show once you walk in . they got it set up for crocodile to swim out in a small entrance no bigger than it body down a path get a piece of meat from the idiot is trainer smacking in the water teasing the crocodile to put on a show same like seaworld and the killer whales .the crocodiles are keep in shallow pond so you can see them and in the wild they are much deeper water . it nothing like their natural home . there about 5 staff in with the animals doing a show . they got elephants which people can feed which are keep in a small area no bigger than your back yard drugged up so that don't freak out and break away. both Australia zoo and seaworld make a prefect couple of abusing animals . australia zoo go and trap crocodiles to bring them to the zoo and any other animal they can get they hands on . just like sea world. bindi she a puppet to the handlers as just like her mother as steve dad was boot out of australia zoo due to the control; that the terri and her handler took over. people in austrlia never like terri after what she did to steve dad . and she took off back to the states for most of the time and let the handler take over .

195 days ago
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