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Rakes in Millions in Pot Taxes

In One Month!

3/10/2014 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Marijuana could save the United States of America -- or at the very least Colorado -- because the State is $2 MILLION richer from its new marijuana tax -- and that's just for the month of January.

It's pretty staggering ... in the first month since the pot law became effective, more than $14 million worth of recreational weed was sold in the state.   Taxes on gross sales reached $2.01 million.

Colorado has around 160 state-licensed pot stores and it's clear ... business is booming.



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Grandma Cracker    


226 days ago


Two million isn't even a drop in the bucket when it comes to state government budgets.

226 days ago


Absolutely no reason marijuana should be illegal. None. Zero. Anyone who argues is simply wrong, uniformed and ignorant. Colorado might be the first, but won't be the last. Wake up America.

226 days ago


Wait until the crime shoots up from the new drug culture.

2 Million won't cover the costs.

Not to mention the loss of revenue generated by those that are less productive.

Whatever. It's their state, and they can decide.

226 days ago


it should be regulated just like alcohol all across the nation.

226 days ago


I'm not a user and would never be unless I got cancer or similar but I think it should be 100% legal! country wide. I just watched Sanjay Guptas report and it pretty much showed that the benefits outweigh any minor problems by a HUGE margin. My only issue is that if you are under 18, you need 2 REAL doctors to sign off and only allow use of the type with almost no THC. When they remove the THC, what's left is a cure for numerous problems and it doesn't get you high.

226 days ago


It's common knowledge for anyone who has bothered to do ANY research that marihuana when eaten or smoked through a vaporizer is beneficial to your health and has the ability to heal many diseases...the governments and health care system has know this for a long time...but then there is no money to be made for them if people actually were healed from their ailments is there? Better to give people medicine that doesn't work so they have to keep coming back for more and paying buckets of money for it.

226 days ago


That's a lot of cheetos.

226 days ago


This is great news, and I am sure conservatives are crying over it.

226 days ago

Wow ...    

Here come the feds, legalize it nationwide stat. LOL

226 days ago


Give the people what they want!

226 days ago


Idiot stoners.

226 days ago


EVERY State will realize how much money they can/will make and ALL the laws in America will change in the next 10 years. Most States are hurting for cash, and this is a way for them to narrow the gap. It will be a no-brainer for all of these morons in the coming years.

226 days ago

fuck TMZ    

If our government was smart (which about 45% of us know they aren't whereas the other 55% simply have no clue) they would legalize this and trade it as a commodity, like all other cash crops. This crop alone would create millions of new jobs to anybody who wants to farm, it should be a tradable crop (like corn, cotton, wheat, etc...)where the market determines the value, the government can buy it from us considering they are the biggest drug dealers in the world, and then sell it back to those who use it for medicinal purposes. I would guarantee that we would have a surplus rather than a deficit we can't pay for. Our dumbass in office could provide health care to all without having to fine any of us for choosing not to have less than average health care as it stands now. While you tell me your ignorant and hypocritical views on this drug just remember all those prescription drugs you currently have on you.

226 days ago

Just Steve    

Sooner than later we'll all be Jamaican with dreadlocks

226 days ago
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