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George Zimmerman

Fails to Kill at Gun Show

3/10/2014 9:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

George Zimmerman has figured out a way to exploit what made him famous -- GUNS.

Zimmerman did a meet-and-greet Saturday at an Orlando gun shop.  People lined up for an autograph pic of Zimmerman and his dog ... actually only around 20 people lined up.

It's a page out of the OJ playbook ... get acquitted of killing someone, and then show up places and sign autographs.

One funny thing ... the pic Zimmerman signed is clearly from days past, when he weighed 50 lbs less ... and that's being generous.

Vanity ... it's not just for good people.


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What lowlife s*** would want an autograph from that kid killer?

144 days ago


This is utterly disgusting. Even if Zimmerman had no intention of muderering trayvon and racist wasn't a factor. It is still sick to profit and get fame off of someone's death.

144 days ago


The only difference is OJ was not the killer....I may be one of the .0001% of whites to believe he is innocent, but I'm 99.9999% convinced his son Jason dd it....and he signed autographs for years before the 1994 incident because of his football legend....Zimmerman actually is 100% a killer, whether or not it was justified or not as self-defense in the eyes of the laws.

144 days ago

Teresa andrews    

I would never wish for anybody's death. But there are some obituaries I would like to read. (Mark Twain).

144 days ago

Farrakhan Ashy Larry    

Here comes bitch ass Stiletto to defend his klanmate.

144 days ago

Beast Mode    

The tall guy in the picture appears to be wearing an adult diaper on the outside of his sweat pants and it looks to be full.

144 days ago


OJ was at least a football legend. Zimmerman is "famous" for killing a kid and nothing more. Even 20 autographs is 20 too many - dude is capitalizing on the fact that he killed a kid, whether it was in self defense or not.
What- do his fans say "Thanks for killing that n***er kid and showing everyone they can't take our guns. Can I have your autograph?" Only Florida.

144 days ago


I'm glad you told me it was him in the pic, looks nothing like him.

144 days ago


It says he was at a gun store,not a gun show. There is a big difference between those two... If he was at a GUN SHOW, there could be over a 100 gun vendors, not counting sellers of hunting knives, Hats, Jewelry vendors, weight loss vendors, boots, hunting gear, hunting clothes, bedding, ceramics, luggage, weekend totes, homemade food, candles, Scentsy, different brands of wax tart warmers, I even bought a hand carved wooden Indian Chief statue , yes, it is 5 ft. Tall. I mean the list could keep going...

144 days ago


not guilty

144 days ago


zimmerman profit off of being unjustly charged with murder thanks to race baiters is wrong...trayvons mom and dad raking in millions is at the peoples logic.

144 days ago


Well, there are 20 F'd up people put there.

144 days ago

Tony H.    

The other question that nobody is asking here is: "What demented gun owner/seller would want gun ownership equated with George Zimmerman?"

144 days ago


The guy has to make money somehow. Unhinged liberal loonies have made it impossible for him to go anywhere that doesn't have guns. Nothing more bitter than a liberal that loses.

144 days ago


the american justice system is rotten

144 days ago
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